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Hi everyone!

Today I want to tell you something a bit different that I have been working on. I’ve been trying to “put myself out there” more! We’ve had a family blog for quite a white, but I never felt comfortable posting on it. Somehow, it just seemed way too personal to have a FAMILY blog just about our lives. And also, we’re pretty boring so there wasn’t much to really post about. We don’t travel, we don’t buy a whole lot, we spend a lot of time at home together rather than go out for lots of dates, etc, etc. Basically we are cheap and boring! And that’s the way I like it, but it doesn’t make for a lot of blogging content. lol So I don’t have a strictly family blog anymore. I never updated it anyway!

But I have wanted to blog about something other than paper crafting too. I want someplace I can write & use my “voice” just for fun. If you haven’t gathered, I am pretty opinionated & I have a lot I want to say! HA!

Well, if not blogging about my family events, then what?! I thought about the other things I enjoy day to day & it became super clear to me. I like A LOT of things!! I love to plan, organize, bake, get great deals, meal plan & cook, get healthier, do spa at home type of stuff, and paint my nails! These are all things I am just kind of like, “well everyone does these things, no one wants to hear about my everyday boring stuff!” But then I look at Pinterest, and Pinterest is dedicated to a lot of those things that I love to do.

So I decided to make what I am calling a “lifestyle” blog, but geared towards simplicity & frugality (not always, but those are some overarching ideals I would like to have for the blog because those are kind of overarching ideas for the way I live my life). I plan on posting recipes and the stuff I talked about above.


My new blog is called Cheapy Baby and it is all about Livin’ the Cheapy Lifestyle, Baby! And it is just so that’s easy. The blog is still very new, but I already have a couple of recipes, some nail polish stuff, and some funny dirty Elf on the Shelf ideas (adult themed, not for the kiddos!).

I feel like this new “lifestyle” blog can be a great outlet for me express myself not just with paper and stamps. I’d really like to keep SP mostly crafty related, but I love giving you guys the Sunday Scoop updates that include some personal stuff too. I see Cheapy Baby as being a place I can refer you to if you want more details about something I mention in a Sunday Scoop or hopefully when we start our family, I can share updates about that over there too.

Speaking of paper, I got some new photos printed! YAY! I am going to lock myself in my craft room today until something gets created. I hope to have something to share really soon!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by & I hope you like my lifestyle blog 🙂

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