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Today we are talking about the best apps to use to simplify & streamline your Project Life photo process.


Before we get started, I just wanted to let you know I am now back to just one post a day (with the occasional 2posts per day popping up few & far between). I posted A LOT of announcements over the past two days so be sure to check those out:

Today I am talking about photo apps and photo printing. I will admit, I went SUPER simple with my photo process. I just know simple works best for me. I know I can maintain this super simple & streamlined process every week. I plan on doing ALL of my photos on my phone & having them printed right from my phone.

Now, I know I can take a lot better photos sometimes with my DSLR camera, but for everyday life, & maintaining my album, it just isn’t feasible for me to carry around my big camera, have to upload, spend lots of time editing photos, and spending even more time sending them to a photo printing place. That just won’t work for me from day to day. Therefore, I opted for a much simpler process, all on my phone. I have an iPhone 4s which has a great camera & I can capture really beautiful photos using it. The only thing is that it doesn’t do action (pets running, people moving a lot, etc) photos very well.

In this video, I show you the apps I use, a little bit about how they work, and how I print my photos! It covers pretty much all the basics. I use an iPhone, but I am sure the Android phones have the same or similar apps.

I have a big ole list of apps at the end of this post so be sure to check those out after watching the video.

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And if you don’t have a smartphone? You can always take photos & upload them straight to Walgreens from your computer. Or you can even take your camera & photo card directly into a Walgreens store & use their computer/photo printing kiosk.

Ideally, yes, all of our photos would look super professional & every single one would look like it was straight out of a book. But most of us aren’t professional photographers and that is totally OK! The purpose of Project Life is to get your memories down in your albums. If the photos aren’t perfect, so what?! I feel like we (definitely I do!) get caught up trying to make our albums and our photos perfect that we miss the bigger picture – and the bigger picture is to document & share those memories. If your photos are good, let that be good enough 🙂


  • Instagram FREE -has cool filters & super easy to use
  • PicFrame $0.99 -easy photo collages
  • LifePics FREE -to print from Persnickety Prints
  • Collect FREE -a photo a day & journaling app – I forgot to mention that this app will REMIND you to take your photos, which is super awesome!
  • Walgreens FREE -print photos directly from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, & your Walgreens photo album

I haven’t tried any of these ones myself, but I have seen them recommended again and again.

  • VSCO CAM $0.99 -more extensive photo editing right from your phone
  • Photo365 $1.99 -similar to Collect
  • DayOne $4.99 -can keep a daily journal
  • Momento $1.99 – a photo/journaling app that will sync with various social media
  • InstaCC – Daily Calendar & Challenges to keep you taking lots of creative photos, works with Instagram
  • Evernote – the app says “Keep track of everything”
  • 365Photo (for android, might be available for iPhone also) FREE – similar to Collect app
  • Photo Grid – can turn your photos into collages
  • Typic Pro $1.99 -allows you to add writing and elements to your photos
  • PicTapGo $1.99 – photo editing features & many filters
  • Rhonna Designs App $1.99 -lets you add lots of creative photo frames & texts to your photos, used in conjunction with Instagram from what I’ve seen
  • A Beautiful Mess $.99 -more filters, frames, type, & doodles from Elsie & Emma (They designed some of the Becky Higgins Project Life products!)

I hope that this post gives you lots of options & ideas for taking photos & getting them ready for printing. What are your favorite Project Life Apps?

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  1. I totally recommend VSCO Cam if you like to edit your photos. It is AMAZING and has so many options. As a Lightroom user for my photo editing this is pretty close really. I love it so much!

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