Copic Daily Challenge for January

Hi everyone!

Since I am really trying to make January all about crafting & getting that mojo flowing. I have decided to do a Copic Daily Challenge all month long! Like my other crafty endeavors for January, my Copic Daily Challenge is only going to be during the weekdays. I feel like things are way more manageable when I get the weekend “off”. It gives me time to recharge.

I actually started this yesterday (click here to go watch my Copic videos on Youtube & don’t forget to subscribe to my Copic channel!). PuppySurprise Copic Video from

Here’s how it works…  I am going to be doing a Copic coloring video EVERY weekday during January. These will just be uploaded as soon as I can do them. I am making these videos in real time, meaning on the day they get uploaded. So that means videos are going to be posted later in the day & not on an actual time schedule. They are just going to be posted whenever I get them done. And you can join in & color every day too!

Most of the time they will be speed coloring videos but I will throw in some tutorials in there as time permits.

Because of this sort of randomness to the uploading times, these videos will not be shared here on the blog every single day. They will be posted to my Copic Youtube Channel & then I may post them here as a video round-up or something. Be sure you subscribe to that channel so you can keep up with those videos.

Feel free to join me in Copic coloring every weekday & share your coloring creations on the SP Facebook page. Coloring often is THE absolute best way to improve your Copic coloring. If you join me on this coloring challenge, you may surprise yourself at how much you can improve in just one month 🙂 I hope you join me!

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