New Wild Wednesday Mini Series Begins! My Planner

Hi everyone!

I know many of you have been asking about my planner, and here is your planner fix! Over the years, I have had tons of questions relating to how I keep myself, my blog, and my business organized. And the truth is, with lots of organizing!! As a student (all the way through college), I always used one of those plain student/academic planners obsessively.

My Planner Organization & Overview Mini Series by

Well, the same semester I graduated from college, I started SP & Company, and I was just as obsessive about planning, BUT I didn’t actually use a planner. I had many notebooks, binders, clipboards, and post-it notes just everywhere.

That worked for me quite well, but some things were falling through the cracks. I then consolidated to mostly one main notebook & that worked for me for most things. But it needed more customization. I needed the option of taking pages out & putting them back in, reordering them, etc.

I thought I was handling all my business stuff sort of well, until we moved into our first house & everything just went to heck. I couldn’t keep up with the new house duties, plus business duties, plus blog duties. I really needed a better system to keep up with everything.

As you can see, I have tried a bunch of things & after much careful thought, I decided to get a fully customizable planner and organize it so it fits with my needs perfectly. Since switching over to my planner, I have been better organized. I have FELT more at peace, like there isn’t 100 things I am forgetting to do. And I have kept myself on track with my tasks much better.

So with that said, I wanted to take the next few Wednesdays and share some of my planner organization & methods with you!

As a side note: While researching planner systems, I found that there is a whole world of planner addicts out there & I simply couldn’t believe there are entire youtube channels and blogs and Facebook groups JUST dedicated to planners & planner accessories. Seriously, I was almost as excited as I am with our lovely crafty community! If you are a fellow planner addict, be sure to google and find some awesome planner inspiration that’s out there.

Ok back to my planner, lol. . . I decided to use this planner for everything: business, blogging, and life. It just works for me to have almost everything together in one place.

I’m breaking this Mini Series into the following sections:

  • (Today) The actual planner I have, why I chose it. My planner organization & overview. And what pens I am using!
  • Planner Pages & Organization for Bloggers
  • Planner Pages & Organization for To Do Lists, Daily Tasks & Projects
  • Planner Pages & Organization for Home (Meal, Cleaning, Bills, etc)
  • Planner Pages & Organization for Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Planner Extras, Bells & Whistles, Accessories & some alternative planner options (both cheaper & more expensive than mine).

People say it takes anywhere from 28 days to 3 months to build a habit so join me on this planning journey & let’s get organized!

So like it shows in the list above, I have two main things to talk about today. First up, here is a look at my planner system. It is an ARC by Staples Junior Size notebook. So far I am absolutely loving it & it is a system I feel like I could use long term. I actually plan on getting the larger size for making a home management/maintenance binder. In this video, I discuss what I was doing, what I have been doing, and then the change I had planed to make.

Watch on Youtube

To see the current planner page printables I have available, click here! And if you have a suggestion for other pages you would like to have, let me know! I will try my best to make a page that will work for you.

Now that it has been about a week since I filmed this video, I do have an update on the 2nd planner part & it is totally working for me so far!

Planner Organization by

Here’s a look at the weekly view. I just added some washi tape down the center of the pages so I could divide each day into two sections. I’ll discuss more about this later on in the series. Planner Organization by

So I got these awesome pens & I did a whole video on them. I love office supplies (especially colorful pens and sticky notes!) & I couldn’t believe that they actually made pens this cool. What have I been missing?! LOL  Anyway, one of my Project Life stories for WEEK1 is about my pens & my hubby’s hilarious reaction to them. You can kind of read the story in my How to Type on Journaling Cards video.

Watch on Youtube

The pens are the Hi-Tec-C Coleto Pen and Uni Style Fit Multi-penColors Swatch:

Pen review from

And that’s it for today! I feel like I am just so much more organized now & I love that feeling of not having to remember a million things in my head. I go to sleep better at night knowing that what I have to do is already written down in my planner. Saves me lots of head space 😀

If you are a planner geek like me, be sure to hop in instagram because there are so many good hashtags that you can see other people’s organization. I have been sharing my planner on there at lot too.

Are you currently using a planner? What kind is it & what do you like/not like about your current planner setup?

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3 thoughts on “New Wild Wednesday Mini Series Begins! My Planner

  1. I’m using your exact planner! I use it for daily planning and lots and lots of lists. I loooove lists. I am however waiting for my Filofax in the mail. The arc planners don’t have the size I need. The pink is pretty but heavy. :/

    1. He he, I like lists too 😀 Do you do any color coding? I am still working on getting a color coding system down pat.

      Which size Filofax are you getting? I ordered a tiny one & plan on using it just for jotting down ideas and sketching out designs for various things. Just kind of like an idea pad. I LOVE the Filofaxes because of the rings & customizability. I am going to stick with my arc for now because it is working so well for me. If it ever doesn’t work for me, I will probably go filofax. I just LOVe that I can fold the whole thing back.

      1. I DO have some color coding! Work (red pen), dance (pink), husband things (green), amazon deliveries (I have a problem. Orange.), to do (blue) and misc events (purple).
        I ordered the personal size in purple. A little shorter than our arc. I like the fold back idea too but I kept mushing my papers!

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