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Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start!! I have a bit of good (non-scrap related) news! We figured out why my car is handling so poorly on the snow (I talked about this in some Sunday Scoops previously). . . I NEED NEW TIRES! LOL. It was just one of those things we didn’t even think about. DUH! With all the grad school fun, moving, & settling into our new home, we just haven’t thought about getting my tires replaced! So I am going later this week & hopefully I will be able to venture out during snowy times more often ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, so today I am talking about my daily Project Life Routine.

Creating a Daily Project Life Routine by

I have seen people asked in various groups about how people keep up with their project life. Crafters have asked questions such as: How do you know which photos to use in your PL? How do you remember to write down what’s going on during the week? etc.

So I made a quick video sharing exactly how I do my Project Life Routine. Since adapting my new planner system, keeping up with my project life has been pretty easy. I kept it all very simple. I don’t have any sort of elaborate planning routine. I find that simplicity is key for making something that I can stick with over the long term.

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I separated today’s videos into two posts. Click here for my tutorial on making 2×2 and 4×4 photos!

How do you currently keep up with your Project Life Routine? What’s working well for you? What’s not working for you?
If you have another routine for keeping up with your project life, please share it in the comments section!

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3 thoughts on “My Project Life Routine

  1. I use a planner to jot my notes down as the week goes by. But I don’t choose my photos as I go as I also ‘harvest’ pics from the kids phones and iPods as well as dh’s phone. This way I get more of the older kids, since they are busy and some days I see them for 10 minutes, between school, sports and friends. So Sunday night, I download all the pics on my computer. Monday morning, bright and early, I go through and pick the photos I want to use, edit them and send them to be printed. I pick them up in the evening. Using my planner, I am able to journal what I want. If it’s one of the kids photo’s I have them journal what’s going on. Sometimes I get them to write it out on the card, other times I will journal it on labels. If I think of it I get it Sunday night, and label it digitally.

    Love your journal planner pages! Might need to get those.

  2. So far I’ve just been working as soon as possible, taking lots of pictures, and consulting my regular planner for a reminder of details of what we’ve done each day/week. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love yours – thanks for sharing!

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