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Hi all!

Y’all are going to be in video heaven over the next week, I must have made like 20 videos yesterday! I had filmed videos all afternoon, then I went shopping & found a lot of awesome new products to share with you guys. Then while I was editing and uploading videos, I filmed even more videos. It was pretty crazy awesome!


Here’s a quick video explaining this video blitz:

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  • They had new themed cards packs that have 40 cards each and retail for $4.99.
  • They had 3 different new sets of pages to make various kinds of books: 1 for a Planner, 1 for a Journal/Diary, and one for a Recipe Book. They have dividers, pages, and 3x4s and 4x6s included in those & the pages & dividers are 3 hole punched. They are designed to work in the new mini D-ring albums & they retail for $14.99.
  • They had the new mini D-ring albums. These are maybe 8×10 sized, I don’t think they are a full 8.5×11. I’m not exactly sure. There were also various pocket page protector sets that went along with these.
  • There were two brand new core kits! These are NOT the new ones I am offering for Pre-order. These are Michael’s exclusives. They are Called Maggie Holmes Edition and Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Edition. They retail for $29.99.
  • And they had 4-6 new 12×12 D-ring albums. As you know I just bought 4 new albums, but I was still so tempted to get a few of them because they were gorgeous! But I was sort of good, I held off on those.

Anyway, so a TON of new Project Life stuff is coming out between the M’s new stuff and the stuff I have available for Pre-order!

I filmed a quick video of each set so here they are. Enjoy!

Planner Themed Cards Pack Video

Inspirational Themed Cards Pack Video

Animals Themed Cards Pack Video

Home Themed Cards Pack Video

Maggie Holmes Edition Core Kit Video

Nautical Themed Cards Pack Video

Journal Themed Cards Pack Video

Tween Themed Cards Pack Video

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Edition Core Kit Video

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