Silhouette Cameo: Load Mat vs Load Media Video

Hi everyone!

Today I have a quick video that I made a really long time ago when I first got my Silhouette Cameo. It was I think way back in August, but I just never remembered to get the video edited.

Getting Started with the Silhouette Cameo - Loading Mat

I just share a couple of tiny bits of info about the Silhouette Cameo. I had such trouble at the very beginning trying to use my machine so I am hoping this tutorial will help anyone out there who is afraid to do that first cut with their machine. I explain what Load Mat vs Load Media means. And I also explain where the cutting mat actually goes.

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I did almost ruin my cutting mat, but thankfully, the cutting mat has held up.

I haven’t used my machine nearly as much as I had planned, but I am STILL using my first cutting mat, which is great! I haven’t used it as much, just because I had a mojo-less slump for a while & then I became obsessed with Project Life lol. I did use my Cameo recently for two other videos: My Week 2 Project Life, & to organize my Project Life Journaling cards if you want to check those out.

After the My Planner mini series, I do plan on doing a mini series all about the Silhouette Cameo because I hear a lot of talk about people being intimidated by their machine & I’d like to cover lots of Cameo basics for you guys.

What Silhouette Cameo questions or suggestions do you have?

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4 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo: Load Mat vs Load Media Video

  1. Thanks for sharing a video using the Silhouette. More please! I noticed you have some SVGs in your store that match some of the stamps. Will you be making more of those?

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