My Upgraded Project Life Storage

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!

Organizing Project Life Journaling Cards with Ikea Raskog by

I’ve just got a quick update for you today. I did a little bit of reorganizing in my room this week so I wanted to show you my “improvements”. I was pretty content with my little pink chevron boxes, BUT it just wasn’t cutting it because I like to have my supplies at my fingertips. Then again, I don’t like supplies to be too out in the open because of dust and in my case, a house full of dog hair! lol So I came up with what I feel is a healthy compromise!

I made some minor adjustments to my room layout but nothing very thrilling. The thrilling part is the new Project Life setup I came up with lol. Well, it’s exciting to me. I hope it is exciting for you too šŸ™‚

In this video, I show you all the changes I made to my scrap room setup. Maybe it will give you a good idea or two.

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Here are the files I created & used for my organization:

Index Tabs for 4Ɨ6 Journaling Card Organization SVG Cut File

Index Tabs for 3Ɨ4 Journaling Card Organization SVG Cut File

The turquoise cart is a Raskog from Ikea and it can be found here.

Project Life Organization by

Project Life Organization by

Need more Scraproom ideas? Then check out my recent Organize Your Scrap Space mini series:

And that’s it! I hope you are having a fab weekend! How are you storing your PL items right now?

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One thought on “My Upgraded Project Life Storage

  1. Hey there!
    Just wondering if you still have the cut file for the index tabs for your project life organization available (even if for purchase). Love them and this idea.

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