Organized Project Life Mini Series Begins: What is Project Life?

Hi everyone! It’s time to dig into Project Life for 2014! Are you ready? Then, let’s do this!

Project Life Basics by Scrapmaster's Paradise

In doing my project life “research” the last two months, I found out there were a lot of newbies beginning project life with me for 2014! I did a little project life-ing for December and figured out a bit of what worked for me so I am going to share my “process” going into my first year of Project Life. I know over time, my process will change, but I want to give you all the starting info that I can so that we can begin together!

I definitely still have a lot to learn so feel free to share your tips & tricks with me as we dig into each daily PL topic. Also feel free to ask questions! Just leave me a comment below the blog posts or videos.

Over the next about week, I am going to share a new PL related topic most days & then I will just give updates & layouts from time to time documenting my PL progress.

Today, I am answering the question: “What is Project Life?”

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So here’s the schedule of topics you can look forward to in this Organized Project Life mini series:

  • Today (above): What is Project Life?
  • Planning your Project Life, keeping up with your PL, & my plan for PL 2014
  • How/Where to take your photos & many awesome photo apps for your smartphone
  • Making do with your existing stash
  • Typing vs. handwriting your journaling cards
  • Making your own journaling cards

And I’ll throw in some other goodies here and there 🙂

That’s all for now! I will have at least one more blog post for today. See you soon!

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One thought on “Organized Project Life Mini Series Begins: What is Project Life?

  1. Thank you for all the tutorial’s you have!
    I’m a old lady the want to start a scrapbooking all my pictures for the 6 grandchildren I have,and always thought that was to complicated but project life look great and easy to do and with your tutorial more fun!
    keep the good work I will be looking on your site all the time.!

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