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Today I’m talking ALLLL about adhesive. This question was recently submitted to Ask Sami by Allison K so I decided to address it. If you ask 10 people about what adhesive(s) they use, you may get 10 different answers. And it further depends on WHAT it is that you are trying to stick down.

Adhesive is a very simple, yet complicated topic. Certain people swear by certain glues, while others say they can’t stand those glues. Adhesive effectiveness is further complicated by humidity & temperature! It can kind of leave you trying to pull your own hair out! Lol

But today, I want to give you some glue recommendations & some basic β€œglue rules”! Glue is just one of those things in paper crafting that comes down to a very personal choice! Previously living in a warm, humid place and recently moving to a dry, cold place, the adhesives I use have stayed the same so I feel good about recommending them to you.

Here’s a quick video covering the basics. Even more is discussed under the video:

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By basic adhesive, I mean a good all around adhesive for paper layers or lightweight layers. I have two, and I swap them out.

For my everyday basic adhesive, I really like the Adtech Permanent Tape Runners. They are inexpensive. You can buy refills for them so there isn’t a whole lot of waste. And they hold flat & lightweight layers very well. The only downside is that this tape runner is not great for anything bulky, bowed out, or heavy (see video for example).

The other basic adhesive I use is Scotch ATG Gold in my ATG Gun. This is a big ole tap runner system. The refills are pretty affordable if you buy them on sale or find a good bulk buy deal, but a little more pricey than the Adtech. The positive is that this stuff REALLY sticks. That can also be a downside because as soon as you touch your adhesive layer down, it might be stuck for good. There’s no changing your mind later. You also have to buy the gun, which is a little costly too. I feel like it is worth the little investment because this adhesive is great for a lot of things.

BUT REMEMBER, THE KEY WITH TAPE RUNNERS IS. . . burnishing the edges! This is a fancy way of saying rub your fingers over the layers you are gluing so that you heat activate the glue. I do this no matter what tape runners I am using. Rub rub rub! Lol. You can see me doing this in a lot of my videos. I always do this.

For tiny pieces I stick with a liquid glue. The one I recommend is Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue. This is a great liquid glue because a tiny bit goes a very long way. It has a super strong permanent hold once dry & holds down bulkier pieces really well like wood veneers & chipboard shapes. If you let the adhesive dry before sticking something down, it becomes a removable adhesive (this is how I create temporary masks and such). The only downside I have about this glue is that IT STINKS! It smells like it is supposed to be scented, it is kind of perfumey. Maybe most people down notice or care, but as a migraine sufferer, stinky things are no good! LOL

For the teeny tiniest pieces of paper, you can hold the paper with tweezers and then apply the glue so you don’t get it on your fingers πŸ™‚

Dimensional Adhesive:
I like to use is a dimensional adhesive to pop up the layers of certain things. I like to use Pop-Up Glue Dots or Stampin’ UP Stampin’ Dimensionals for this. They both have a super strong hold & both have a good amount of dimension to them.


Here are some special circumstances that require adhesive & these are my recommendations:
For twine, I like to use Micro Glue Dots. For ribbon, I like to tie/wrap it directly onto a project or hold it in place with ATG Gold or Glue Dots.

ATG Gold, Glue Dots or Dimensional Adhesive

For this, I stick with Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects (different brands of the same product. It is a clear liquid that dries glossy. It can be used as glue & it holds onto loose glitter extremely well!)

I use Krylon Easy Tack. Click here for more info!

Tape runner will work, but you will see it. I use my Tiny Attacher or stapler for these items usually.

LAST GLUE NOTE: If in doubt, you can usually also use a hot glue gun πŸ™‚

Here are some of the glues I mentioned today:

What is your favorite glue? Let me know in the comments section below!

So that’s it, folks! If you have a question for me, please submit it through the Ask Sami form (click here!). I’ll do more of these segments as I receive more questions or see questions popping up in the communities I visit. Have a lovely day!

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