Why I Cancelled my Gossamer Blue Kit Subscription

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Welp, I got my videos all mixed up this week & didn’t quite get my Wednesday planner video filmed for today! I am going to get that squeezed in later this week. Instead, I have a video about my experience with the Gossamer Blue kit club.

Why I cancelled with Gossamer Blue by thescrapmaster.com

As I mentioned in my January Kit Club Battle, I decided to cancel my Gossamber Blue Life Pages kit, which is their Project Life pocket style scrapbook kit. There are two major reasons why I cancelled this subscription & I talk about them in today’s video.

These reasons might not be major reasons for some folks, but they were major reasons for me.

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I do want to add that IF the forum & gallery weren’t perks, I wouldn’t have felt quite so bad about it. But because it was supposed to be there, & it was part of the reason I signed up, then it became a big deal. Many kit clubs don’t offer this perk but I picked GB specifically BECAUSE it had these perks since I really longed for that sense of community.

What’s your favorite kit out there right now? Let me know in the comments section below!


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2 thoughts on “Why I Cancelled my Gossamer Blue Kit Subscription

  1. Thanks for posting this. I signed up for SC PL kits in January (Because of the coupon code to get Blue Note free), but had been waffling between Gossamer Blue & SC. I’d still been wondering if I made the right choice, but I guess I did :-).
    And, hey, if I had an unlimited budget, I’d have them both!

    1. Ha ha, I totally agree! I would totally have kept Gossamer Blue if I had enough in my crafty budget. The Feb kit just arrived today and it was 90% gorgeous. Made me really doubt my decision to cancel lol.

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