Cloudy Day Collection & New Digi Shop!

Hey everyone!


Before we get to the new Cloudy Day collection, I have a bit of news for you!! I’ve decided to create a new digi shop! The main reason I decided to do this is I needed a more streamlined method for adding digital products to my store. The SP Store is not set up well for digital items. I end up having to work on three separate pages/website processes (involves clicking over to about 10 screens) to get ONE digital product added in the current store & it takes way too long. With the new store, I have one single page and that’s it! It is so much quicker & easier! It goes from about a 5 minute process to a 1-2 minute process. It will also be easier for those of you looking just for digital products or just for physical products. I really like the separation.

The current SP Store will still be where you can find all the physical products -stamps, flair, buttons, etc.

The NEW SP Digi Shop is going to be for digital products only – digital stamps, printables, templates, SVG cut files. This also allows me an easier way to run specials in both shops having the products separately 🙂

The SP Digi Shop is already set up & working. I’m slowly moving all my digital products over to the new store. Feel free to take a peek at the new store & get familiar with the new setup. I hope you like it!!

New Cloudy Day Collection coming soon to DAY COLLECTION -coming soon!
Today, in my video, I’m calling for suggestions for a new collection of Cloudy Day printables! I had originally planned on including this video in with the Sunday Scoop, but it ran so long I decided to separate this section.

Watch the video below to learn the concept & ideas behind this new collection. I look forward to hearing your suggestions & making items that y’all will enjoy.

Watch on Youtube

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy the video & the new store.

Do you add negative events/negativity to your scrapbook pages? Or do you put everything into a more positive mindset? Let me know in the comments section below! I can’t wait to hear your perspective on this topic.

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