How to Mix Traditional Layouts with Project Life Layouts in the Same Album

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A little while ago, I shared some money saving tips for Project Life, & today I am taking one of those ideas and showing you how you can mix traditional scrapbook layouts with your Project Life layouts in the same album.

Mixing 12x12's in with Project Life by

Now I have mentioned this before, but I’m combining ALL my scrapbooking into the same album. You can surely have specific albums for specific themes or for each child, etc. Separate albums just doesn’t work for me, and here’s why:  I plan on having my 12×12 traditional layouts right next to my Project Life pocket style layouts. It’s just easier for me to plan for one album vs 2. What goes in the first album & what goes in the second album? Should these photos go in 1 or 2, etc. Just too many questions and hassles for me lol. I’d rather just be able to grab a 2014 album and look through everything from the entire year. It just makes sense for me and fits for me.

So I am using my money saving idea to use the page protectors I already had in conjunction with my Project Life layouts. Check out the video below to see how easy & how great it looks!

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I really liked how these came out & I have a feeling I will eventually be switching over to this method more and more. The layouts are just SOOO much more sturdy than the pocket page protectors. The pocket page protectors are just a lot easier so there are good things about both methods.

If you are scrapping, are you using only one album? If you’re using more than one album, how are you separating your albums? Let me know in the comments section below!

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5 thoughts on “How to Mix Traditional Layouts with Project Life Layouts in the Same Album

  1. This is great, i just found a deal on PL journal cards and wanted to see if I could use them in my traditional 12×12 without actually starting PL since they were a steal lol and this is just the type of idea i was looking for, you are awesome!

  2. OMG YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! Why didnt I think of this? I have been combining both styles in one album but always doing a back to back 12 X 12s which is a pain but this is so clever (and sensible) LOL Thanks for sharing

  3. So glad to see this. I have been doing this for a while, and it is great to see others do this too. I don’t have time to create separate albums for different styles. I also want the freedom to do what I want as the inspiration strikes me. Thank you for this!

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