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Happy Wednesday! Today is the LAST Wild Wednesday in the My Planner mini series. I stretched this one out way long because I skipped so many Wednesdays, but alas, it is now ending.

Meal Planning Routine by

In this video, I talk about my Meal planning process & cleaning schedule. Below the video, I have a couple of Meal Planning tips & even more planner goodness.

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Additional Meal Planning Tips:

  • Keep a running list of your family’s favorite meals so that you can refer to the list when you are having trouble thinking of meals to plan. I go through bouts of “I can’t think of anything to cook!”. Having a list of our go-to meals really helps me when that happens.
  • Stock your pantry with the basics you use over and over! For me, it is a money-saving AND time-saving thing. For example: We use canned tomatoes (I make them into pasta, use them in soups & stews, and even turn them into salsa!). Rather than buying 1-2 cans a week, I buy 10 cans when they are on sale & we are running low on them. That saves me from paying full price on that 1-2 cans a week & it also saves me the time of marking them on my shopping list & finding them in the store & then putting them away every single week. You can stock up on many basics: frozen veggies, anything canned or boxed, many things in bottles. I do this stock-up method on anything possible that we use a lot of: pasta, canned tomatoes, canned green beans, jarred mushrooms, jarred salsa, tea bags, sugar, flour, frozen veggies, bags of dried beans, even some things that last a while in the fridge like almond milk & butter.
  • Buy vegetables in season: Veggies and fruits are much cheaper during their season so try to purchase them when they are in season. Also, in season veggies tend to go on sale more often so watch for that also.
  • Plan your meals around what you have at home or what’s on sale. I do this pretty much every week. I want to eat well, but I don’t want to break the bank doing it so I plan a lot of our meals around what’s on sale. If you aren’t very creative in the kitchen, use a website like Supercook where you can put in your ingredients & it will give you recipes! It’s so easy!

These are the printables I showed in the video:
Cleaning Schedule BLANK - 8.5x5.5 Aqua

Cleaning Schedule BLANK – 8.5×5.5 Aqua

Cleaning Schedule SAMI - 8.5x5.5 Aqua

Cleaning Schedule SAMI – 8.5×5.5 Aqua

Meal Planner Printable - 8.5x5.5 Pink

Meal Planner Printable – 8.5×5.5 Pink

Meal Plan Freezer Inventory Planner Printable - 8.5x5.5 Pink

Meal Plan Freezer Inventory Planner Printable – 8.5×5.5 Pink

Here are some planner accessories that are helpful & fun to use for decorating your planners:

  • Paper Clips & Tabs
  • Sticky Notes (there are some really cute shaped ones out there!)
  • Post-it tabs
  • Repositionable labels – there are some brands that come pre-printed and others that you can print on youself
  • Stickers
  • Washi tape


Not everyone likes the discbound ARC album, so I have listed some other planner brands out there. I chose ARC for many reasons, but it definitely isn’t for everyone! I do plan on getting a Filofax or a ring style planner next, but they are much more expensive than the Arc was. There are also some pretty cheap notebook style planners out there, but they just aren’t nearly as customizable as a disc or ring bound album

  • Daytimer
  • Kikki K
  • Filofax
  • Blue Sky Planners
  • Erin Condren Planners

I hope you enjoyed the My Planner mini series & got some tips on planners and planning. The next mini series will be announced next Wednesday & it is highly requested. You’re going to love it 🙂

See you soon!

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