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Today we are talking all about project planning & goal setting.
Project Planning & Goal Setting by

This was supposed to go up on the blog yesterday for continuing on with the My Planner mini series for Wild Wednesday, but I had a migraine instead! It was no fun, but it wasn’t a really bad one. Just bad enough to put me in the bed most of the day.

I thought I would include this since there are a lot of new readers here that haven’t been with me for years 🙂 This migraine was the first one I have had in many months (maybe 4-5 months) which is excellent for me!! I don’t talk about migraines much anymore because I get Botox treatment for migraine prevention and IT WORKS! There were many years in my early blogging days that I had more migraine days than non-migraine days. We searched high and low for some relief & Botox was my miracle drug! It’s been maybe 3-4 years now that I have been going every 3-4 months for treatment. I live a nearly migraine free life & I even forget that I am a migraine sufferer most of the time. I still avoid my triggers (it’s just second nature to me now, not something I really have to think about). And Botox for migraine has come a long way. It is covered by some insurance companies & it is now FDA approved for migraine prevention.

Now onto today’s topic – the planner!

My video for today was filmed right before I got the migraine & I totally forgot to even talk about the goal setting printable that I had designed. Both printables are now available in the SP Digi Shop here! I’m still switching over the rest of the planner printables to the new shop, but in the meantime, they can be found in the SP Store here.

In this video, I talk about my method of project planning & goal setting & break it down into 3 easy steps for you. Enjoy!

Watch on Youtube

Project Management Planner Printable – 8.5×5.5 Pink

Reach Your Goals! Goal Planning Sheet 8.5×5.5 Aqua

So that’s it for now. I hope that you enjoyed today’s planning tips & you find the printables useful. I am going to try to have Project Life Week 5 up tonight or tomorrow. See you soon!

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