Organizing Pocket Page Protectors – Organize Me Friday

Hey everyone!

There are just SOOO many organizational ideas and topics to cover in a scrap space, that it occurred to me. . . LET’S MAKE IT A SERIES! LOL Serious light bulb moment šŸ™‚

Now, I can’t guarantee this is going to be an every week blog series, but I have been really trying to sort through every last thing in my scrap room so when I have an organizational idea to share with you, I will share it on a Friday for Organize Me Friday.


What’s great about this new series is I want to hear from YOU! I will cover a topic (like today is Pocket Page Protectors) & I would love for you to share your organization method for this topic too! The more ideas we can share, the better.

Today’s organizational idea was actually shared at the beginning of one of my recent Project Life weekly process videos, but I made it its own video because I had a couple minor details to add to it. Enjoy!

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So that’s it! How do you store your page protectors? Let me know in the comments section below! If you made a video or a blog post about organizing your page protectors, leave me a link šŸ™‚


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