What I’ve Learned in my First 60 Days of Project Life

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Today I am hopping with my lovely team members at The Pocket Source. Today we are talking all about pocket scrapping. These lovely ladies are sharing the things they’ve learned through their pocket scrapping experiences & sharing some tips and tricks along the way.

Thanks for joining me on this hop today! You should have hopped here from Jen’s blog. If not, please head back to the beginning of the hop at The Pocket Source blog & see all the great inspiration & tips that the designers have cooked up for you today.

What I've Learned in 60 days of Project Life by thescrapmaster.comABOUT THE POCKET SOURCE
If you are not already a member of The Pocket Source, then get your buns over there & sign up! It is an awesome new online community JUST for pocket scrapbooking! There’s a message board, a gallery, and each member gets their own page. Not only that, The Pocket Source has a great blog, which I am going to be contributing to weekly. And let me tell you, The Pocket Source Blog has already started with info & introductions, but the blogging team starts up next week officially & we are going to knock your socks off! I have seen what some of these designers have been cooking up & it is going to be fabulous. So bookmark it, pin it, sign up, & make sure you stay in the know. It’s going to be my PL hangout of choice. Find me over there & friend me while you are at it if you’d like 🙂

I’m so excited about the launch of The Pocket Source because I’ve been longing for a one stop shop type of site for all my pocket scrapping inspiration, community, and idea sharing wishes. It seems like I have to search high and low to try to find enough PL inspiration. Well, the look is over because The Pocket Source is going to be such a rich resource for us. I’m really excited to be a part of it & challenge myself to learn even more about Project Life & pocket scrapping.

I’m about two months into my first year of Project Life & I have had such an amazing time with it already! Where has Project Life been all my life, seriously?! I’m so glad to have finally found PL.

What I've learned in my first 60 days of Project Life by thescrapmaster.com

In today’s video, I want to walk you through some of the things i have learned along the way. I’m going to share some things that have been working for me & some things that haven’t been working for me. Then finally, I share 3 tips for Project Life-ing & then show you my PL progress so far! Enjoy!

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Links mentioned in video:
My PL 2014 Process Videos
Apps I Use for Project Life
Mixing 12×12’s in with your Project Life
Project Life Tutorials

What have you changed over your Project Life experience? Share your PL experiences in the comments section below! I’d love to hear some of your best PL related tips & tricks!

Here are my 2 most recent layouts so far from 2014. Click on the week #s to see the process video & more photos of each.

Week 6
Week 6 Project Life Process video by thescrapmaster.com

Week 6 Project Life Process video by thescrapmaster.com

Week 6 Project Life Process video by thescrapmaster.com


Week 5
Week 5 Project Life Process by thescrapmaster.com

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my Project Life experience so far. Be sure to hop over to Wendy’s blog now & continue on with the blog hop!

When you are done hopping, make sure to head over to The Pocket Source. Join the conversation & share your pocket pages with us! Have a lovely day!

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12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in my First 60 Days of Project Life

  1. Great video! I hate my handwriting too, but when I switched from digital PL to a hybrid version this year, there was no way I was going to do my journal cards on the computer – I wanted to quickly write my stories, and put them in the pockets, and didn’t want to have to worry about lining up cards in my printer or anything else time consuming. I also love to scribble on my photos – it’s my handwriting, and that’s part of the memory – because when I’m old and arthritic I’m sure it’ll look quite different. Love your videos by the way, and your kit club comparison was really helpful. Have a great weekend!

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