Week 6 Tutorial – 4×6 Journaling Cards Cheater Method

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Core kits & some monthly kits don’t really come with many 4×6 cards and sometimes you need more of them. Or in my case, you only have a 3×4 version of a card, but you need it to fill a 4×6 spot. Well today’s tutorial is how to use up those 3x4s in those 4×6 spots!

Week 6 Project Life Process video by thescrapmaster.com

This technique comes in really handy when you use a 4×4 or a 3×4 photo in a 4×6 spot. I’ve been loving the 4×4 photos lately for a couple reasons:

  1. I can print them from Instagram & they look really good.
  2. They fit in vertical or horizontal 4×6 spots on any pocket pages
  3. There is some room around the edges for journaling when you use them in a 4×6 spot.

So sit back and watch this quick tutorial on my cheater method for making 4×6 journaling cards.

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Pretty simple huh? You could totally get away without the white backing piece (and just adhering the card pieces directly to the back of the photo), but I liked to use it here to give my pieces extra stability.

Supplies Used:


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