Why I Cancelled my Scraptastic Kit Subscription

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I told you all about my reasons for cancelling my Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit subscription. Well today, I am covering all the reasons why I decided to cancel my Scraptastic This Life Noted kit subscription. Like my silly face? 🙂

Why I cancelled my Scraptastic kit subscription.

This video is one of my shortest videos ever! LOL Enjoy!

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So there you have it! The Feb kits from Gossamer Blue & Scraptastic will be my last kits from them both. As of March, I will be a one kit club kind of girl. At least for a while.

I would still like to test out some other kits so I can share some comparisons with you guys (and new products are always lots of fun to try out lol). We will just have to see how my crafty budget is going by then. There are tons of little things on my wishlist right now. What have you got on your crafty wishlist?

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3 thoughts on “Why I Cancelled my Scraptastic Kit Subscription

  1. Morning, we used to have lots of animals but we got rid of them all but the dogs. We’re getting closer to retirement age and decided it was time to quit taking care of critters. Glad we did too because this winter is terrible to be outside. With the wind chills and the temps being so low it’s been mostly 20 to 60 below almost every day. Ok for me gives me more time to play with my card making and to sew on my quilts. We are in the windiest part of the state , which probably is why they have put up so many wind turbines. It was hard to lose the pups, they were born here on the place. Take care and will be picking up some more items later this month, Barb

  2. just started ordering from you and had to say love your stamps and will check out your new digi’s as you get going on them. My main reason for sending this is to say I love your babies, I also had four but have lost two of them. They are my best friends since I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Will keep checking back on your site. Thanks Barb

    1. I am so sorry to hear you lost your babes recently. That is always so difficult & my heart breaks for you. We lost a husky Dec 2012 & it was TOUGH. Glad you visited & shared with me. Wow, a farm? I think that is so neat! Do you have a lot of animals, crops, or what?

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