5 Ways to Make a Project Life Planner Notebook

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It’s my first day over on The Pocket Source Blog, and I am so excited to share my tutorial with you! This is one of those things that I am absolutely giddy about. Generally, I like my projects & I think “that’s OK” or “that’s pretty good”, but this one I thought “WOW!” when I was done making it! I really hope you enjoy this one today šŸ™‚


It’s Plan & Process Week over at The Pocket Source. On the first week of each month, we’re going to have a theme for the week & the blog team is going to share their best tips & tricks based on that theme. This week we’re talking all about how we plan out our Project Life from week to week or month to month as part of our Project Life process.

Let me tell you, there are about as many methods for approaching Project Life as there are people actually doing Project Life. Everyone has their own way & there is no wrong way to Project Life. Please be sure to head back over to the TPS blog every day this week & see what the rest of the team has for you. My post for today is just the beginning!

Sound good?Ok, then let’s move on to today’s blog post!!

5 Ways to Make a Project Life Planner Notebook by thescrapmaster.com

I’m going to show you how I made that cute little planner above & give you 4 other PL planner options using the same printable. Let’s get started!


If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you will already know my process, but just in case you are kinda new around here. . .

Now, I have to be real with you, I am a planner!I like to plan out my day, my week, our meals, my 5 year plan. . . Hubby jokes around with me that I try to plan out our whole life (and he’s mostly right! LOL). Obviously, my approach to Project Life is no different. I PLAN!

Below you will see a quick video explaining exactly how I have made my Project Life planning just part of my everyday routine thanks to some printables I created.

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Some people find the idea of planning out your Project Life a little scary at first, but once you find a planning method that works for you, it will make your PL process SO MUCH EASIER. It can help you work on older layouts if you get too far behind & it can help you narrow down your thoughts & ideas so that the process is less overwhelming.

If you are new to Project Life, I highly suggest that you find some sort of planning method so that you can keep up with your Project Life even when you don’t create layouts every single week. I’ve seen so many Project Lifers lament that they can’t remember things that happened a few weeks back that they hadn’t yet documented. With a Project Life planner, you can jot down little notes to help you when you are working on your page later on.

Like I mentioned in the video, I plan out my Project Life pages, keep track of my photos & my journaling with a planner printable that I designed. Both of these printables are available as 99cent downloads. They’re just very simple & contain everything I need in a Project Life planning page. In my weekly PL process videos (click for playlist), you will see me refer to these planner pages again and again.

Project Life Style Planner Blank Layout Printable ā€“ 8.5Ɨ5.5 Aqua

Project Life Style Planner Page A Printable ā€“ 8.5Ɨ5.5 Aqua



Since this week is all about planning, I wanted to share 5 different ways that you can use the planner printables I offer in my digi shop. I share some super easy ways to create a planner with these printables with some items you may already have around the house. Then I show a more complicated, but ultra customized way to create a planner with the Bind-it-all. Sit back & enjoy!

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Here’s another look at the finished notebook:


Here’s just a quick little video showing how I created this cover page for my new Project Life Planner Notebook. I actually designed the cover using this journaling card printable in Photoshop. I just wanted to include this quick video for you guys so you can see how easy it can be to make a pretty little cover out of any digital journaling card.

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And that’s it! It actually took me longer to remember how to use the Bind-It-All than it did to actually put the book together. lol.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s blog post. Be sure to head over to the PS Blog Chat Forum & join us for some Project Life Planning discussion. Click here to find me over on TPS also!

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