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Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday! Like I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Scoop, I don’t have a Sunday Scoop for you this week because I am traveling today!! You can read all about it in last week’s Sunday Scoop. The basic gist of it is I am traveling back to TN from IL to get a medical procedure done & I’m making a fun trip out of it because I haven’t seen my mom since we moved this summer!

By the time you read this, I will probably be all the way to TN already lol. Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook because I plan on updating both of those regularly during my trip.

Scrapbook Steals My Mind's Eye Haul

In lieu of having a Sunday Scoop today, I have a crafty haul from a new affiliate company to introduce – Scrapbook Steals! This company may not be new to you, & it’s actually not entirely new to me either. . . but Scrapbook Steals is my newest affiliate company! Check out my haul in the video below.

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I am so excited to have Scrapbook Steals here & I hope that you like the new steals widget on the blog sidebar.

EDITED TO ADD: If you miss a steal, but there are still some of the items available, they will be under the archive tab at the top of the Scrapbook Steals website. 🙂

I just wanted to share a video of my haul & the service I have received. I’m so happy to have Scrapbook Steals here because I LOVE finding deals & they offer great prices. On top of that, their shipping rates were reasonable too. (I mention that because I’ve been to plenty of daily deal type scrap websites  before trying to snag a good deal and then shipping is like $10 no matter what! OUCH, that’s not a steal!).

Anyway, so I hope you enjoyed my steal. I was short on time & didn’t easily find anything from the Lucky In Love line by My Mind’s Eye for the shopping list. I did include a bunch, hopefully all, of the Cupid’s Arrow collection products. That red foil is EPIC! Seriously, the only way it could have been more awesome is if it were pink! lol. LOVE IT!

Do you prefer a red & black Valentine color combo or do you prefer a pinker color combo for that holiday? Or a non-traditional Valentine day color combo? Let me know in the comments section below! (I’m sure you already know my answer to that question lol!).

A little note about the way I advertise: I know that anything to do with sponsors or advertising of any kind can sometimes be no fun so I try my best to make sure that anything I put up here is worthy of the mention. I appreciate you reading my blog & I don’t take that readership lightly. I know your time & money are valuable so I try my best to make sure that I’m always putting out awesome content & only working with quality companies. And believe me, I turn down way more offers than I accept. I don’t promote products or companies unless I would buy from a company (and usually do. .. A LOT! LOL) personally for my own scrapping needs.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER will be announced on Sunday March 9th with the winner from the giveaway from this video.

Supply List:

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9 thoughts on “Scrapbook Steals Haul

  1. I love that you shared that website but that place is going to be dangerous…not decided if it’s in a good way or a bad way yet….

  2. I love black & red for Valentine’s Day, but also enjoy bright pinks with non-traditional teal blue. It’s really all the hearts that I like best! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the haul update! Just a heads up for other readers (I hope it’s ok to post this?) If you miss the deal, you can go to the “archive” on the site and purchase (as long as they didn’t sell out!). is a GREAT site!

  4. I missed out on the 8pm steal! A beautiful BoBunny collection! Awe well, I’ll just have to keep trying lol! I personally like the traditional red and black valentine colors. Red foil on glossy black card is just beautiful and elegant. 🙂

  5. What a great haul. I get the emails, but I have not ordered anything yet. I will keep watching. Good luck with the migraine treatment.

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