Week 9 Project Life 2014

Hi everyone!

I’m only a few weeks from being up to date on my Project Life 2014! How about you?

Week 9 Scrapbook Process video by thescrapmaster

For week 9, I actually kept things really simple. At the time of actual week 9, I was behind on my week to week Project Life so I decided to change things up. I shared with you what I tried to do in my Week 9 Tutorial.

And as promised, I am going to share with you how it went journaling every day. . .The end result was awesome! I missed one day during the week, either Thursday or Friday. Then the next time, I took a couple extra moments and did the journaling for the previous day along with the current day. On Sunday night, when I finished up my week of journaling, it felt awesome to already be a little ahead on my Week 9 layout!! The downside? I totally didn’t keep track of my photos like i normally do! I hardly touched my Project Life planner at all. In this video you will see the results of not keeping track of my photos πŸ™‚

This week, I also broke the rules!! I decided to have my layout only go from Monday to Friday! Crazy, huh? Well the Project Life “rules” are meant to be broken! The reason I split up my weeks was because my travels started on Saturday & therefore I wanted my Saturday & Sunday to be a part of my travel layouts.

PROJECT LIFE LESSON: Project Life “Rules” Are Meant to be Broken!
That just goes to show you that you DO NOT have to stick with ANY rigid guidelines for your Project Life! Make some general guidelines for your self to keep things easy (in my case scrapping Monday to Sunday each week). But when those guidelines don’t for for a particular layout, then throw them out the window! You do not have to stick with something that’s not working for you. Furthermore, if you come across something you are doing from week to week & it is simply not working for you, change it up! It’s ok to just go with the flow πŸ™‚

And now, here’s my Week 9 Project Life Process Video:

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This week, I used the Studio Calico Project Life kit for Feb, Sugar Rush which is one of my kit faves (I will talk a bit more about that soon!) Click here to sign up & we both receive 500 rewards points!

Photos are below:

Week 9 Scrapbook Process video by thescrapmaster

Week 9 Scrapbook Process video by thescrapmaster

Week 9 Scrapbook Process video by thescrapmaster

Week 9 Scrapbook Process video by thescrapmaster


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