10 Tips for Getting & Staying Caught Up on Project Life

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It’s my day over on The Pocket Source Blog so I am sharing some of my best tips! I recently got up-to-date on my Project Life 2014 album. I was about 4 weeks behind due to some traveling & then trying to catch up on other things before catching up on my album. I just plain didn’t make it a weekly priority for a little while.

Tips for Getting Caught Up with Project LifeWell, while catching up, I found some things that were really helpful along the way so I am sharing those tips with you today. The past couple of weeks I have been much better at keeping up with my album & I am going to try my best not to get so far behind again. I hope these tips help you to keep up with your pocket scrapbooking!

  1. Just START: I know this sounds silly, but starting is the hardest part! If you are behind 5 weeks, start now! Next week, you will be 6 weeks behind if you don’t just start.
  2. Use a planner/take notes: This one is huge! Even if you just jot down some notes in a notepad or on sticky notes (as long as you keep track of them). I have a Project Life Planner that I shared previously. Click here to see the planner I made! Having a written account of my weeks helped tremendously when I played catch up. There were a couple weeks I got lazy & I regretted not using the planner when I went to make my pages for that week. The more time you put between the actual week & the time you sit down to scrapbook it, the harder it becomes to remember all those everyday moments. Writing notes of those moments really helps so you can keep track of them later. The Project Life planner is still invaluable for me.
  3. Make it a priority: The truth is, we are ALL busy. We have to make our albums a priority. Set aside some time for yourself so you can work on your album. Put your crafty time on your schedule.
  4. Keep it organized: Having an organized crafty space makes it so much easier to find your supplies. If you’re still having trouble getting organized, check out our blog posts last week regarding simplifying & organizing.
  5. Keep it simple: I found that the more weekly layouts I had left to make, the simpler I made my layouts. And you know what? They are done & they still look great! Don’t get overwhelmed with all the products. Keep it simple & get it done 🙂
  6. Join a kit club or purchase a kit: This kind of goes along with keeping it simple. Having a kit makes matching/coordinating so easy because everything is already coordinated for you. Once you take matching up & searching for supplies in your stash, it is much quicker to put those pages together. I’ve gotten a lot of pages done in 2014 by just sticking with one kit at a time. Not sure which kit club is right for you? Then check out my Kit Club Comparison guide. I will be adding more kits to this list over time.
  7. Take it one page at a time: Rather than look at the # number of pages you still have left to finish. Just look at one page at a time. It is much less overwhelming to work on one.
  8. Work in small doses: Got 5-10 minutes before you have to do something? Spend those 5-10 minutes working on a page! You’ll be amazed at how much you can get finished in such a short amount of time. And those little time blocks quickly add up!
  9. Remember, “me time” is important: We all need some time to take care of ourselves & crafting can be a great stress reliever. Carving out time for yourself can recharge you & that can lead to being a better wife, mother, friend, etc. It’s important to put yourself first sometimes.
  10. Remember the rewards: Remember why you scrapbook in the first place – to preserve memories. It’s so rewarding to have a finished album! Keep that in mind & it will be good motivation to just keep going.

I hope these tips give you a little bit of motivation. Remember, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The same principle holds true for putting together your album – just go one page at a time & keep going!


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