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I’m working kind of out of order & today we are talking all about movie making! I always have soo many questions about how to make movies, how to get started on Youtube, etc.


I’ve been making videos here and there for many years, but in just the past maybe 6 months, I have taken my video making more seriously. In the video below, I show you my camera setups (my overhead camera mount & my regular camera setup) and I answer a lot of the most common questions I get asked about video making. I also share a bit about the making money aspect of being a crafty Youtuber.

Below the video, I have a list of my best Youtube & video making tips.

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My Best Youtube/Video Making Tips:

  • Have good lighting! You don’t have to have a professional studio light setup, a couple of lamps will do. Just make sure you have enough light so that people can see what you are doing!
  • Edit out the boring stuff! I see unedited videos all the time and most of them are actually really good. BUT there are a handful of them that are BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG! If half of your words are “ummmm” and “uhhhhh”, edit that stuff out! Sometimes my videos are a bit choppy because I edit out all my awkward pauses & umms šŸ™‚
  • Respect your viewer’s time! This can involve editing or just making sure you are actually showing stuff the whole length of your video & not dragging it out too long. Remember that your viewer’s time is valuable to them. Don’t waste it. Get to the point and show them something valuable.
  • Use a descriptive title! Make sure your video has a descriptive title that explains exactly what your video is about. For example: “Scrapbook Layout Share Using Carta Bella Papers” is much more descriptive than “New Layout”.
  • Just be yourself! This one is really difficult, but the more you relax and just be yourself, the more people will want to watch your videos. If you are too stiff & robotic you are, the less interesting your videos will be. Let your personality shine through!

I hope that this blog post helped you if you are trying to make crafty Youtube videos. I definitely don’t want to discourage you from making crafty videos, but don’t just do it because you think you are going to make a lot of money off your videos. That probably won’t be the case! Do it because you love sharing & connecting with your fellow crafters.

In case you missed any parts in this mini series:

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That’s it for today. Next Wednesday, I will be talking all about blogging platforms & cover some blogging basics. Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Mini Series – All About Making Crafty Videos

  1. I have been all over the LA area trying to find the clamp you have your handycam attached to, could you please email me the name of the clamp, the brand and where I can purchase it please. I’m so tired of stores selling me on something I do not need. By the way love your video very helpful! Thank you

    1. Here’s the exact clamp: I’d only recommend it if you don’t plan on moving your camera position very often. It’s not easy to just pop the camera on and off this particular mount. I had to change systems when I moved to just one nicer camera for all my filming.
      I haven’t used that setup in a couple of years. I have found something that I’ve liked better & it’s much simpler:

  2. One thing that I always appreciate when people have videos is a photo of the complete project. I want to know ahead of time if the project is something I’m even interested in before I spend my time watching a whole video. So if there is no preview picture, I don’t even start the video.


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