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Today, I’m kicking off a new mini series for Wild Wednesday. This series is going to continue every Wednesday throughout April. This month I am talking all about professionalizing your blog, ways to improve your blog, video making, and possible ways to do professional things (design/earn money, etc) in the scrapbook community.


First off, I am calling this series “Pro Blogging”, but my no means do I think of myself as a professional. I’m just doing what I love & hey, sometimes I am pretty good at it! All the info in this series is 100% my own opinion so take that for what it’s worth. I speak from my own experiences. I’ve made pretty much every blogging mistake in the book so I can tell you a lot more about what NOT to do than what I think you should do! lol. Y’all have asked for this series so here it is!

I’ve also been asked questions like, “how did you get your start?”, “how did you become so successful?”, “who do you find inspirational?” and “do you have any tips for how I can be successful too?”.

While I don’t actually think I am that successful, I am going to do my best to answer all of the questions I’ve been asked regarding the above topics.

In my video today, I just tell it like it is & tell you how I got into scrapping, how I made it my career, and I embarrass myself a bit 🙂 It’s a little long winded, but it is very personal. This is probably my most personal video ever! I never saw this career coming! I thought I was going to be a doctor!! LOL Sometimes the least expected path is the correct one, & now I can’t imagine doing anything different with my life!!

After my video, I have a list of my best blogging do’s & don’ts.

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One of my first scrapbook pages. Man, I’ve come a LOOOONG way since then!!

Here are some things you should be doing with your blog:

  • DO: Just be yourself! Don’t try to imitate others. Just be yourself & do your own thing. Readers will enjoy your authenticity.
  • DO: Create amazing content! Don’t just slap projects or blog posts together. Take your time and write up a good blog post. It’s about quality more than quantity.
  • DO: Take great photos! Photos of your projects are very important!! If people can’t see the details, they probably won’t stick around very long. Wow us with your photos!
  • DO: Be consistent! Maybe commit to a blog post a week, and go from there. If you are consistent, your readers know to stop by again to see what’s new at your blog.
  • DO: Give credit where credit is due! If your project is inspired by another crafter, link to them.
  • DO: Have a nice looking blog! There are many free blog templates out there to use. Just google “free blogger template” or “free wordpress template” etc.  If you don’t know much about HTML, CSS, or Javascript, find someone who can install/create a blog design for you. There are tons of awesome designers out there that offer blog designing for relatively cheap.
  • DO: Have a descriptive/accurate title! Give your blog posts a descriptive title so that people can know what to expect in that blog post. A descriptive title can get people’s attention.

These are some common blogging mistakes that you should do your best to avoid (and believe me, I have done most of them! lol).

  • DON’T: Steal other people’s content! Don’t copy and paste from other people’s blogs/websites. Don’t use photos without proper permissions/credit. Don’t copy people’s projects and claim them as your own. It’s totally OK to get inspiration from other crafters, but give them credit & link to them (as mentioned in the DO’s above).
  • DON’T: Have music play on your blog! This is a pet peeve for a lot of readers. If you’d like to have a music player widget on your blog, make sure it is stopped & people have the choice of pressing the play button.
  • DON’T: Have too much going on at the top of your blog! If your readers have to scroll a bunch just to get to your blog post, then the top part of your blog (the header) is too big!
  • DON’T: Spam! Blog spamming could be posting your blog link onto other people’s blogs via the comments section or it could be posting your blog link in various message boards. This is frowned upon & will turn people off & your blog could get flagged by search engines for spamming & then your blog won’t show up in those search engines.
  • DON’T: Worry about your blog appearance at the expense of quality content! In other words, it’s all about the content! Make those blog posts amazing & don’t worry so much about tweaking your blog design or sidebar all the time. Having a nice looking blog helps, but quality content comes first. (I’m majorly guilty of always tweaking my blog design, but I don’t let my content quality suffer because of it).
  • DON’T: Have white text on a black or very dark background! (This is my personal blogging pet peeve). If a blog has white text on a black background, I exit it immediately. It hurts my eyes to look at stuff like that. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels like that.

I hope that you enjoyed my personal video & it answers some of your questions about me & my crafting choices. So many of you have asked more about me so that should answer ya 🙂

And I hope you like my blogging tips list. If you’ve got some more items to add, please share them in the comments section below!

In case you missed any parts in this mini series:

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Week 13 of Project Life. Have a great day & see you later!

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