Studio Calico Project Life & Scrapbook Kit Unboxing April 2014 + How to snag Add-Ons/How Reveal Works

Hey everyone!

I’m hoping to have two blog posts pop up today. The second one will be the Freckled Fawn April Kit unboxing. It just depends on if it arrives by today πŸ™‚

For now, I have all the Studio Calico April goodness to show you. Also, at the end of this post, I share my best tips for snagging add-ons. The add-ons sell out SO QUICKLY so I wanted to share some tips to hopefully help you avoid some disappointment when kits sell out.

The April Studio Calico kits are called Bluegrass Farms.


First up, here is the Project Life Studio Calico kit for April. I also got the add-on kit called Tabasco & a Color Theory ink pad.

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If you are interested in any of the Studio Calico kit subscriptions, please use my referral link (click here) and we both get 500 rewards points!


And here is the Scrapbook kit. I also got the Add-On Kit papers.

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Disclaimer: This method isn’t 100% perfect, but I have had a lot of success snagging the kits I wanted over the past couple of months using this method.

    For subscribers, presale starts at noon EST on the 27th of the month. A certain number of each add-on is available for purchase at this time. The official reveal for everyone happens at midnight EST that same night. Some add-on inventory is held back until the official reveal time.
    The Studio Calico shopping cart has a unique feature where items are held in your shopping cart for 10 minutes. That means when you go to check out, if you are still within that 10 minute timeframe, your items can’t get stolen out of your cart by another buyer.
  • MY METHOD: Now combining the info from above, what I do is log into my account about 5 minutes before noon EST on the 27th. Then one minute before noon, I start refreshing my screen repeatedly. A new “presale” tab will appear on the Studio Calico website. I click over there as fast as I can & quickly add the add-ons to my cart just as fast as I can click!
  • Since the shopping cart feature gives you 10 minutes to hold items in your cart, I take that 10 minutes to look closely at each kit & decide which one or two add-ons I want the most. And then I remove everything else from my shopping cart. NOTE: You must check out before the end of that 10 minutes or else your shopping cart gets dumped!!
  • If the item shows as “Temporarily Unavailable” that means that someone has the item in their shopping cart & haven’t checked out yet (they may decide against buying the item or they might run out of that 10 minute hold time). If you really want that add on, keep refreshing your screen because a lot of times that “add to cart” button will come back within 10 minutes. A lot of items become available again about 12:10 when people’s shopping carts start dumping items.
  • If the item shows as “check back at reveal” that means the presale inventory is all gone & you don’t need to try & refresh anymore. In that case, you can try again for the item at the midnight EST reveal using the same technique as above. At the reveal, all of the items appear under the “This month’s kits” tab under the “Kits” section of the top menu bar.
  • At reveal, if an item shows as “Sold Out” that means it is really gone for good & there’s no use trying for it anymore.
  • Really a lot of it comes down to timing and pure luck! The items sometimes show as temporarily unavailable within seconds of the presale & reveal, but don’t give up until it says “check back at reveal” (during the presale) or “sold out” (during the reveal).
  • Don’t get frustrated! I know it can be frustrating to not get the add-ons you want, but truly, if you ONLY get the subscription kit every month, that is still plenty of awesome supplies. Don’t let any add-on frustration cause you to lose sight of how awesome your monthly subscription is!
    And you can consider yourself lucky that you saved some money that month by not getting all the add-ons. To me, it is a win win situation: Either I get add-ons & can have fun playing with extra supplies OR I miss out on the add-ons and have more money in the bank, baby!! Both ways are good πŸ™‚

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