Sunday Scoop 4/6/14

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far! We had a fun week of taxes, vet appointments, & errand running. I didn’t feel like making a video for ya this week. I’m going bullet point style 🙂

I do have a couple of major crafty announcements along with some personal stuff so I hope you will read it all.

First the crafty:

  • I STINK at sending out newsletters! During the week, I always have the best of intentions to get that newsletter out, & then I just run out of time! This week, I am going to really try to send out a really good one! If you aren’t already subscribed, please sign up in the sidebar or at the bottom of this blog post.
  • Things in the SP store are heavily marked down, but I am marking them down even more starting this week! Keep an eye on the store (& I will also announce on Facebook) because I really want to clear EVERYTHING out!! In about 60 days, I am going to just take all the items except SP Flair out of the store for good – this includes the items in the discontinued section and any other section besides the flair section! I’m ready to clean up & clear out. This is the last chance to get most of the items.
  • I’ve decided I need to close down the SP and Company store completely in the next few months – maybe in 3 months. I plan on continuing to sell the SP Flair, but I am considering moving the flair to Etsy or the SP Digi Shop. The main reasons for this are simplification & an attempt to decrease my expenses (hosting & managing 2 websites is pricey). This decision has been a long time coming & I am just ready to concentrate fully on the blog & not have to worry so much about running a store. Having the store makes me put so much pressure on myself & I’m ready to stop carrying the weight of that. I hope that makes sense lol. It sounds kind of silly.

And now for the personal:

  • All the pups had their yearly vet visits this week & we got some bad news. The 3 oldest (Bella, Mya, & Snow) all got great health reports, but Emma’s liver enzyme is way way high again.
    It’s actually higher than it was before – over 6 times higher than normal! It’s so frustrating & depressing!! She’s only 5 & has had way more health issues than any dog should ever have to deal with. I try to remain thinking positively, but I can’t help but worry that she’s not going to live to be an old doggie like all of our other doggies have been (the two that have passed were 14yrs and 12yrs. Bella & Mya are almost 8yrs. Snow is 13yrs).
    After discussing the options with the vet, we decided to take 2 steps to try to keep her liver as healthy as possible. We’re going to change her to a liver disease diet & she’s going back on the liver medication. She’s going to have to be on both for the rest of her life because as soon as she was taken off the liver med (for one month) her #’s were way worse. She’s acting completely healthy & not like she is in any pain so at least there is some good news. The special food & meds just make life a bit more complicated & this stuff is NOT cheap!!
    I’m pretty upset about her having problems again so I’ve been a little low this week.
    She’s going to get retested in a couple months & hopefully she show some improvements.
  • I found a new nail salon that does nail art & I think it is sooo cool! Our new vet actually had nail art done & recommended the place. I almost always paint my own nails, but from time to time, I love to go to the salon & get pampered. And they always clean up my cuticles so nicely. It just isn’t in the budget to go very often though. Out of the family budget, we each give ourselves $25 a month as “allowance” lol. It’s not much, but hey, we’re trying to save for starting a family & put a little into retirement 🙂
  • We filed our taxes!! I am SO RELIEVED they are done! Wahoo!
  • Saturday, I tried to make soft pretzels from scratch. They were AMAZING!! I followed a recipe I found on Pinterest (click here!) I’ve really only used the bread machine to make bread, never made anything bread related by hand. I find bread making very intimidating because of the yeast & rising parts. It was actually a lot of fun! I think I’ve opened up another fun creative activity & I plan on trying to make French bread this week coming up. Do you make bread from scratch? Do you have any good tips for me?

My nail art. I’m still obsessed with aqua & the nails matched my favorite blanket:



My first attempt at making soft pretzels. I used my Christmas present (aqua Kitchenaid) to do most of the kneading:




Cinnamon sugar for hubby. Lightly salted for me. They were so good!!


I also have a winner to announce!! The winner of the Studio Calico kit from my 2K subscriber giveaway is. . . IreneYuli!!

Congrats, Irene!! Please email me at to claim your prize. You have TWO WEEKS to claim it or I will choose another winner.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a mystery prize pack of goodies from the SP Store! It’s going to be a surprise, but I will definitely make it a good one 🙂

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And that’s all for this week! I hope you have a great start to your week!! I’ll be back tomorrow with my best tips for getting caught up with Project Life. See ya soon!


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20 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop 4/6/14

  1. Hi! I’m new to your Youtube channel and blog but I have been enjoying them both so much! Looking forward to all you do 🙂

  2. Aww! I’m sooo sorry to hear about your dog!! The good thing you are able to financial care for her. Hope you have a good week!! Tfs!!!

    1. Thankfully we can afford it so we’re going to do the best we can for her. We just have to tighten up our budget a little bit in some other areas.

  3. Hopeffully things get better with Emma! Love your nails! We just got our taxes done yesterday! Off to check out the store and the pretzel recipe!!

  4. I’m so sorry that your doggie is having health issues. They really are a part of the family. I hope things improve with the changes you’ll be trying. I’m so sorry that you will be closing the store. I’ve so recently found and started purchasing your stamps. 🙁 Do you think maybe this could be temporary?

    1. I will be keeping the SP Digi Shop opened, but I think I am just done making physical products like stamps and dies. A ton goes into making those & selling them & I am just kind of over it. Lots of work & I’m ready to lighten my load. I don’t see it being temporary but ya just never know.

  5. Sorry to hear about your Emma….hope her numbers improve next time. The pretzels look yummy! Did I miss the winner announcement from the end of Feb for the artist stamps? I’ve searched all the Sunday Scoops and can’t find it.

  6. Oh, I hope Emma gets better. We have a 12 year old Blue Heeler (Bonnie Blue) and her back legs don’t work very good anymore. The meds seem to be helping her a little. And about your nails…. My 7 year old Grand Daughter has gotten her nails painted a few times at the salon and is wanted them done for Easter. I have got to show her yours. Going to check out how to make those Soft Pretzels. My Grandkids would love them. Thanks for Sharing! Happy Day to you. P.S. My Grand Daughter just got here, She is in love with the nails.

  7. Emma will start to be better with her new diet and meds. Can’t wait to see your sales.Sad the store is closing but your new plans sound ideal! Will you be doing grab bags again? So are so much fun!
    Have a GREAT week!

    1. I’m thinking about doing some grab bags. I’m still not sure yet. I’m a little sad about it too, but I am ready for a change. It’s been a fabulous 3 years, I’m just ready to move on & do something different 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear about your dog. I have a cat with diabetes so I understand. And your nails are so stinking cute.. Makes me want to get mine done!

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