10 Tips For Getting Your Crafty Mojo Back

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Today is usually my Project Life weekly process video day, but I want to take this time and cover at topic that creeps up from time to time: How do I get my crafty mojo back?

10 Tips for Getting Your Mojo Back by thescrapmaster.com

This hits really close to home for me because I am going through a bit of a funk right now. With the store closing & baby fever setting in, I am just plain not feeling crafty. My days right now are spent packing closing sale orders, getting things in order for the future, & trying to keep myself occupied with thoughts besides “What am I going to do without the store?”, “I REALLY want to have a baby”, and “What am I doing with my life?”. Those Week 18 Project Life photos are staring me right in the face as they sit on my crafty table. I’ve hit the wall so to speak. You get the picture!

Now maybe you aren’t dealing with these exact issues like I am, but I am sure you’ve got some reasons of your own why your mojo might be fleeting. Below, I talk about the various ways I have gotten my crafty mojo back in the past & ways that I am working to get my mojo back RIGHT.NOW. You can apply these mojo seeking strategies to your Project Life, your card making, or your scrapbooking. Really pretty much anything crafty that requires some inspiration.

  • If there’s something heavy in your life, take care of it! By this I mean, if there is anything in your life weighing you down, give yourself permission to “deal” with your feelings about this issue. If you can change the situation, change it. If you can’t change the situation, work on changing your reactions/feelings about said situation.
    This is where I am right now so for me, I’m kind of in the process of mourning this wonderful store & business I built. I’m taking time for myself to work through these feelings. I’m also so freaking ready to have a baby it is ridiculous the amount of time I think about all things baby, BUT we just aren’t ready for that yet. I’m trying to just take steps so that when it is time, we will be as ready as possible.
  • Schedule some “Me Time”! If it is simply a matter of not having enough hours in the day, I totally understand! But the truth is, there will ALWAYS be something that you could be doing besides scrapping. The dishes or laundry can wait once in a while. Set some “me time” aside & work on your crafty projects. It will feel wonderful & it can give you the recharge you need to tackle your next to-do list item.
  • Have some FUN! If you’re stuck in a daily rut, find some enjoyment & happiness! Take the family out or call up a friend for a get together. Sometimes a little happiness is all it takes to get those creative juices flowing again.
  • Look for some inspiration! You can try to jump start your mojo by checking out your favorite crafty blogs, magazines, websites, or Pinterest boards. Sometimes just looking at creative projects that you find inspiring is enough.
  • CASE someone else’s project! CASE stands for a couple different things, but my favorite is “Create And Share Everything”. Look to a crafter’s project that you admire & try to recreate it using your own style & supplies. Your finished project will be inspired by the original, but it probably will look totally unique because of your own personal touches.
  • Shop in your craft area! This is a favorite of mine. When I am not feeling crafty, I take a look around my craft room & start going through boxes & supplies I haven’t touched in a while. Most of the time, I find supplies I had forgotten about & then I’m excited to use those items on a project.
  • Clear out the clutter! Decluttering your crafty area can open up a lot more creative space. Sometimes all of the supplies can be overwhelming & it’s difficult to know where to begin with creating. Take 10-15 minutes and just start sorting through some items to donate, sell, or trash. Freeing up some extra space will feel great!
  • Shop till you drop! On the other hand, looking at the same old crafty items can get boring. Maybe you just need to pick out a new crafty supply to bring back the crafty excitement. You don’t really have to shop till you drop. Sometimes just one small item is enough to get those creative juices flowing. I’ve gone to the craft store before & spent around $5 & it can totally get the excitement back.
  • Take a break! If you are just not feeling it, don’t stress. Just give yourself permission to take a crafty break. Walk away from the crafting for a couple days or a week & then try to find that mojo again.
  • Fight through it! If all else fails, sometimes you really just need to fight through those mojoless periods of time & keep crafting. Just going through the motions even when you aren’t feeling super happy about creating can actually bring those crafty feelings back to you. Just remember the reason behind your crafting & keep on going.

What is your best tip for getting your crafty mojo back? Leave your best tip in the comments section below so we can all stay inspired & crafting!

I hope that this list gives you some ways to find that crafty mojo again. If it takes a while to find it again, don’t worry. It will come back to you. Just take care of yourself & try to be patient. I know it is easier said than done because I am still searching for mine too.

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