Crafty Faves May 2014

Hey everyone!

Today, I have a list of my Crafty Faves & Flops for May!

Crafty Faves for May

I didn’t craft a whole lot this month, but I hope to do a lot more crafting over the coming months because I won’t have a store taking up so much of my time. I plan on making June my big month of crafting, This month, I actually don’t have any flops! In the video below, I talk about my tops faves from this month. Below the video, you can see a lot of the items on my crafty wish list & new items that have recently caught my eye.

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There is a new collection from Simple Stories/SNAP called Good Day Sunshine that really caught my eye this month. I may need the entire collection!!

May Faves:

Hope you enjoyed it!

What is your crafty fave this month? Let me know in the comments section below!

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