Easy Embellishment Storage Idea – Organize Me Friday

Hey everyone!

Today is another Organize Me Friday segment.

Easy Storage Organization Idea

I have a quick video to share on how I decided to organize some of my themed embellishments. I like to keep certain themed embellishments separate from others because they aren’t ones that you need all the time so I’d rather not look through them when I am looking for just a general embellishment. Also, when I need a specific themed embellishment, it is great to be able to just look at all the embellishments of that theme.

Watch on Youtube

As mentioned in this video, I am talking a mini blog break next week. I will have some posts pop up here & there, but I am working on getting the store finally shut down & trying to get my crafty mojo back.

I’m also waiting on my brand new video camera to arrive!! My Flip video camera that I’ve been using most is on it’s very last leg & it is literally about to fall apart & I sent in my Sony Handycam for a trade-in. So I will be learning my new camera & working on a very special surprise behind the scenes over the next week or two 🙂 Here’s a hint: it will involve MORE videos for you guys! That’s it! That’s all I can say about that. My lips are sealed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video & I hope you have an amazing weekend! If my video camera holds up, I will film a Sunday Scoop for you. Otherwise, it will be bullet point style. No Saturday post is going up tomorrow so I will catch you back here on Sunday!


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