Sunday Scoop + Giveaway

Hey everyone!

It’s Sunday Scoop! I didn’t film a video so we are going to go bullet point style today 🙂

Personal stuff

  • If you are interested in seeing/reading more about my everyday life, follow me on Instagram. I post a lot of everyday photos over there (and some scrappy photos too).
  • Our flowers are really blooming! I am so happy with how my first garden is turning out. About half of the fall bulbs I planted are blooming now.
  • Our last rose bush arrived also!! It was a special order because the roses on it are orange! The ones at the local nursery were all pinks, reds & whites. We have 7 rose bushes now: 4 various pink ones, 2 white ones, and an orange one. Now our Year 1 plans are complete. It’s time to just sit back and watch everything grow.
  • We got a new vacuum! LOL I know this isn’t very exciting for most, but it was really exciting for me. We have 4 dogs (two of which are huskies!) & the hair is just always out of control. I’m hoping that I can keep the hair under control better with this new vacuum because it is very versatile with lots of attachments & the pet hair attachment is AWESOME! My other vacuum is awesome, but it doesn’t work on the stairs or around edges.
  • My hubby went out of town Friday & comes back today. He’s visiting his parents so I’ve had the whole weekend alone. It was my first time being in our new town alone & it was kind of nice. I did some deep cleaning & lots and lots of scrapping. As much fun as it was, I was REALLY lonely this weekend. I miss him a ton & I am so ready for him to be back home today!! Sometimes a tiny break from each other is just enough to make you appreciate your partner even more.
  • It started warming up again so the dogs have been playing outside a bunch. It’s really fun to watch them run & play.
  • Hubby & I met our new family doctor this week.  I had a low grade fever when the nurse took my temperature, and over the past couple days I’ve been feeling a little crummy so I think I just have a little stomach bug or something. The good news is that other than that, hubby & I are perfectly healthy. And now we finally have all of our health care stuff figured out in our new town.
  • I’ve been on a health food & working out kick lately. I purchased almond butter for the first time this week because I was wanting to add more protein into my diet & it was AWESOME! So yummy! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a try! I’m totally addicted to it now 🙂





Crafty Stuff

  • The SP Store is still on schedule to close on June 1st so be sure to shop soon. The closing date is fast approaching!
  • The page protectors for stamp storage are on pre-order & will begin shipping on Monday! I’ve just been using them in the SP binders, but one of our awesome customers Marla recently posted a video on her stamp storage & I thought you guys would really like the way she’s using the page protectors. Click here to see Marla’s video!
  • This week I filmed TWO traditional scrapbook process videos! I will be sharing these videos on future Saturday Scraps segments. Be looking for the first scrapbook process video 2-3 Saturdays from now! (I still have some other layouts to share before then). This is something y’all had asked for so I am going to try my best to have at least a couple of these a month for ya!
  • I ordered my photo printer this week! I have been wanting one of these for months so I finally decided to get one! I will do a review of it & share some info about the photo printer I chose & why I chose it. I’m still anxiously waiting for it to arrive 🙂

And that’s it for the rundown this week! Our week was pretty good, and I hope you had a fantastic week too!!

Last week’s leopard print glue gun winners are. . .Denise H and Judy Hanson!

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Thanks so much for stopping by & have a fantastic week!! See you again soon!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop + Giveaway

  1. You can have some of our spring….we already need to turn on our AC! I should try almond butter…..I need protein without lotsa sugar. Is this a good choice? Sign me up for the surprise!

  2. Hi Samantha, glad to see spring is blooming your way. We are not quite there yet. Having alone time can sometimes be rejuvenating. Enjoy your new vacuum. I have dogs too and vacuuming is so important with all that hair. TFS!!!

    1. The sugar content depends on the brand you buy. They add a little, but I think the nuts themselves actually have lots of natural sugars too.

  3. Hi my Love Samantha, I’d love to see your orange roses. I love roses and I love orange. I planted a yellow rose bush for my mom about eight years ago and it’s still going strong. Yellow roses are her favorite. Thanks for sharing a look into your life!! Love ya’

    1. I will be happy to show them once they’ve bloomed. Right now, it’s just a tiny little twig with a few leaves 🙂 I cannot wait to have some roses. I absolutely adore roses. Yellow roses are gorgeous too! I went a little overboard on the pink ones since they are my faves & then didn’t have room for very many others lol.

  4. I know how exciting a new vacuum can be! lol My 2 dogs and my 2 cats shed sooooo bad! I would love to have a quiet weekend to get things done around the house lol. I love my husband but he makes a mess as soon and I clean something else up. It would be nice to get the house clean and keep it that way for a day lol. Thanks for another chance to win another awesome prize!! (((HUGS)))

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