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Today I am covering a topic that seems to come up a lot in any of the message boards I visit – What’s Your Favorite Paper Trimmer? What’s the best kind of paper trimmer? What do you like in a paper trimmer?

All about paper trimmers

Well today I am answering those questions with my favorite paper trimmers and telling you the features I look for in a paper trimmer. I hope that this will help you pick out your next paper trimmer if you are still trying to find THE ONE for you.

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Paper trimmers I specifically mentioned in today’s video:
Tonic Studios Paper Trimmer
Fiskars Paper Trimmer

If you’ve found a paper trimmer that you absolutely love, what is YOUR favorite paper trimmer? Please share the name/brand of it in the comments section below!

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2 thoughts on “All About Paper Trimmers – My Favorite Paper Trimmers

  1. I have the Tonic 12 by 12 guillotine and at first….I loved it! But over time, it doesn’t seem to cut straight at all. I may have to get another one…..I think I’ve just worn it out!

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