New Craft (Scrap) Room Progress Tour

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

So as you know, I’ve been redoing my scrap room. Well I wanted to show you the new setup & some of the progress I have made.

Updated Craft Room Tour

It definitely isn’t completely ready, but this will give you a look at some of the major changes I have made to my room setup. So far, it has really been working well for me.

Watch on Youtube

I did end up getting a mesh bird food catcher to go around Bob’s cage & it has cut down on the bird seed significantly. He’s a little stinker though because I still end up with some seeds on my desk from time to time lol. I love that little guy!!

Anyway, whenever I get the room organized more efficiently, I will definitely do a full tour of the room. I hope you enjoyed today’s video! Have a lovely day!!

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3 thoughts on “New Craft (Scrap) Room Progress Tour

  1. I am really picky, but even I don’t notice the creases on the fabric. It really doesn’t show up on the video. Thanks for showing us your room. I like to see how people have organized their craft rooms.

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