Monday Scoop 7/28/14

Hey everyone!

It’s Monday so I have another scoop for you, but. . . no video today. I am in serious need of a shower & I’ve also been having really bad nausea this morning so I am just not feeling like getting ready or filming. Our scoop today is going to be in bullet point form!

  • My goal this week is to get two Project Life layouts for you this week! This is pretty much my only goal for the week actually lol! I’m working with a new (to me) kit & I am really excited to share it with you soon.
  • My mom is coming to visit next week so I am going to take the entire week off! That means no Monday Scoop and no Wednesday or Friday post next week. I will have a few family videos pop up on my family Youtube channel (they are already scheduled), but that’s it. Nothing crafty! If you like food & pregnancy stuff, then be sure to check it out!
  • Our carpet was installed in our living room last week. It looks awesome & the dogs have absolutely loved being able to play without slipping and sliding all over the place.
  • There isn’t much going on other than that. Overall I haven’t been as nauseated the past week. I’ve been much more interested in food lol. I have some plans to do some baking this week. I also have a cooking bug or something because I have been trying out new recipes and cooking a lot more “experimental” recipes (where I just make it up! LOL).

Here’s a look at our living room after the carpet was installed (posted on my instagram):


And that’s it for the scoop. Let’s talk prizes & winners now!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am a couple weeks behind on sending prizes. Please be patient because it will probably be another 2 weeks before I am totally caught up on sending out prizes.

The winner of the Project Life cards & goodies from last week’s video is. . .Tatiana Ortega!

Our giveaway is going to go on for TWO WEEKS since I won’t have a Monday Scoop next week. This time we’re having a big mystery prize giveaway!

For this prize, I will fill up a flat rate padded envelope with goodies from my giveaway box! I will make sure it is a really good one 🙂

To enter our giveaway:

1. Make sure you subscribe to my crafty Youtube channel (hit subscribe over on the channel) or the blog (via blog-lovin or via email updates, you can find links to both in the sidebar).
2. Leave a comment on this blog post OR the quick Youtube video I post today. If you comment both places, you get two entries.

FINE PRINT: International readers may participate. This giveaway will end on SUNDAY August 10th at noon est. The winner will be posted in 2 weeks (on Monday August 11th) right here on the SP Blog as part of the new Monday Scoop! Official Youtube Giveaway Rules apply (must be 18 yrs or older to enter, etc).

And that’s it for this week! I hope you guys have an amazing week! I’ll try to get two new videos for you guys before the end of the week! See you soon.

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32 thoughts on “Monday Scoop 7/28/14

  1. I just found your youtube channel and blog this week. I’m gearing up to get back into Project Life. Thanks for all your ideas. Love your new carpet!

  2. Hi Samantha. Sending you well wishes (hoping that your nausea isn’t as bad as before) and I hope you had a great time with your family
    Jess M
    Ps. I am already a YouTube subscriber

  3. Hey Sami!!
    Glad you are feeling better:) I’m sure the nausea will soon go away completely and you’ll get to enjoy your pregnancy fully!
    Thanks for the chance to participate in the giveaway.. 11th is my Bday so would love to win this one:P
    The carpet looks great btw… have a good time with your mom!


  4. Hope you’re feeling much better now but at least you can enjoy your new carpet!! Love the color…it’s so warm and cozy looking. I am a blog subscriber and a YouTube Subscriber and look forward to your next video!

  5. I hope you feel better soon! The carpet looks lush! and i love your project life videos so i will look forward to that! 😀

  6. That’s always fun when family comes to visit! Hopefully your morning sickness will go away soon!! And very nice color carpet!! Thas so funny how ur dogs don’t slip around now!! Haha
    Penny 🙂

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon. And I love that carpet color, it looks so soft and cozy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Great new carpet and so sorry you have been having such morning sickness. Think positive and it will go away. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and my Mom told me I would have morning sickness for 9 months because she did and I was determined NOT me and it only lasted for 3 months. Hang in there. Hugs

  9. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because it lasts ALL day long. Don’t miss that part of pregnancy but its all worth it in the end. Hope the morning sickness eases up soon!

  10. Wow what an amazing carpet 😀
    I can just imagine how awesome it must be to go barefoot on it…
    Wishing you lots of luck with the new culinary experiments 🙂

    HF and craft on

    Mnemosyne a.k.a. Ana

  11. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope all the nausea will pass soon. Also hope you have a wonderful time with your mom visiting. Your carpeting looks awesome. TFS and a chance to win! Big hugs, Kristina

  12. Love your new carpet…great color! And glad you’re feeling a little bit better. Have to say that nauseous feeling isn’t something I miss at all! Have a wonderful visit with your mom!

  13. Beautiful Carpet! Little baby is gonna love crawling all over it! Thanks for the opportunity for a fun grab bag 🙂
    P.s. Feel better soon.

  14. you’ve been very busy. Hope when you feel better you have time to enjoy. Love the carpet. Hope to see you scrapping away soon.

  15. Hey Samantha,
    Sorry your not feeling to good. The carpet looks awesome. The color is so beautiful. And it still compliment the hardwood. TFS
    rasheenaturallynlove nelson

  16. Hi there. I’m a subbie of yours on YT. Came over from there to see your blog and enter your giveaway. Thanks for the chance. Going to take a look around your blog now! ~~Yolanda (MyVintageViolet on YT)

  17. Just bought my first SN@P album which is similar to project life (or so I am told). I’m excited to get started! Thanks for your videos and ideas!

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