My Planner – New Planners, New Organization Game Plan, & New Pens!

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

This is a video I have been meaning to make for you guys for a while! This video is all about my new planners. Recently, I decided to finally order a Filofax. I have wanted one for a long time, but they are EXPENSIVE!! And I am cheap! I don’t want to spend $100 or so for a planner.


Luckily, Filofax USA restocked for the spring/summer & put out a bunch of new, more affordable planners! I ended up picking out two and they were PINK. I spent way less than $100 for both of these planners that I am going to show you in my video today. I have a problem spending $100+ on something that I am not sure I am going to love or want to use for years & years. I understand why people spend so much on a Filofax because they are supposed to be really good quality & you can use them year after year & they last a really long time. Anyhoo, I finally purchased!

Also in this video, I tell you how I plan on using both of these planners & I also show you my recent JetPens order! I got two new pens and a bunch of refills.

Earlier this year, I did an entire My Planner mini series, which can be found by clicking here! You can see how I use my planners, some of the planner page printables I have available in the SP Digi Shop, & my current ways of keeping myself organized.

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And that’s it! I hope that you enjoyed this look into my new planners & my new system I am going to be implementing. Have an amazing day & I will be back with another video for you on Friday!

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One thought on “My Planner – New Planners, New Organization Game Plan, & New Pens!

  1. It’s funny that I was getting my planner now. Shopping around for the school year planner and the daily journal I have been using, reviewing if it’s working out for me. Your planner reminded me of a Midori/day planner. The one you got is soo of pretty.

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