Week 20 Project Life 2014 Process Video

Hey everyone!

Today I have a Project Life process video for you!


I jumped around a bit lately so now I am going back and finishing up the weeks I skipped over. This is actually week 20, but when I was creating, I made my date card say week 21. I have to go back and fix that card. OOPS! I think pregnancy brain is taking over my life. I’ve been mixing up words a ton lately too. lol!

As of the time of writing this, my crafty channel is 99 subscribers away from 4000!! If you are a subscriber, I thank you!!

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Like usual, I kept it pretty simple. I added a supply list below in case you want to check out the items that I used.

I hope you enjoyed it! I think my last MarkerPOP design team project is coming up on Friday so I will see you then! Have a lovely day & thanks for stopping by!!

Supplies Used:

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