Monday Scoop Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is super quick because I’m about to leave to meet some friends for a big shopping day! We are going baby shopping together & I am very excited 🙂


I filmed this quick little video for y’all last night to show you the new giveaway. I’ll catch ya up on all the normal Monday Scoop goodness next Monday.

Have a lovely day!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats!! Please email me at to claim your prize. You have two weeks to claim your prize. Please allow 2-4 weeks for giveaway prize to be sent. I’m not mailing out very often these days.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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32 thoughts on “Monday Scoop Giveaway!

  1. I am really trying to learn to watercolor, hope to practice this weekend. Have a good time baby shopping. But, does this mean that we’ll be seeing much less of the doggies on your pages??

  2. Great giveaway Sami!!:) such cute stamps… n other goodies!
    I love all kinds of DIY home décor crafts.. n I love to paint!

  3. Thank you for another wonderful fantastic give away! I do several kinds of crafts besides papercrafting. I crochet and make coasters. I dabble a little in sewing too. I hope you had a great day out with your friends and that you feel better really soon! (((hugs)))

  4. Hi Sammi :),
    The other crafts I end up doing not just out of enjoymen, but also because I have to is school projects. My oldest daughter is in the 8th grade iSteam program and has two projects every week. And with each one, the teachers want more and more originality. So I have had to miniature figures and make different land forms. Dress her up as various figures in history using what we have,etc.


  5. Thank you for the chance to win! I can’t wait to see what you buy on your baby haul! Will you show a video on your other channel? Feel better soon!

  6. Lovely giveaway!!! Hope you are having fun shopping!!!
    My crafting is mostly limited to papercrafts……maybe entirely!! 🙂
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. Sweet giveaway!!! I was just out looking for a new glue gun last week. The one I have is from when I was a kid, many many years ago and I thought it might be a safe idea to replace it before I burn down the house, lol! Have fun baby shopping!

  8. What a great giveaway . I do mostly paper crafting, but I do crochet at times. I also like needlecraftsd like cross stitch and needlepoint. I hope you have a great time shopping. I love looking and baby things and remembering my children as infants. Have fun..Denise

  9. I love to draw. I actually got a Hobonichi Techo to help me keep up with drawing every day. Right now it’s just simple doodles so I can stay on track with it. Maybe later I’ll start to get more in depth with my drawings but for now I just want to keep it simple! I also do beadsprites with Perler beads.
    Thanks for the giveaway and have fun on your day out!

  10. I paint from time to time and I also do altering projects. This weekend I altered an apron using buttons, paint and markers with my mom. She LOVED the custom results! TFS Hugs Kristina. PS: have fun baby shopping!

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