Monday Scoop – Talking About Project Life, Family Happenings & Football Season!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Monday Scoop, my weekly chat session talking about all things family & crafty!


I filmed it bright and early this morning & hadn’t even gotten out of my PJs yet 🙂 I was just ready to chat with you. I was feeling extra chatty today so I hope you enjoy today’s video!

In this video I talk about what we’ve been up to the last couple of weeks, our big plans for this week, my personal goals for this week, & some crafty goodness. I end the video with a lovely giveaway as always. Enjoy!

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Since last week’s giveaway was HUGE in celebration of reaching 4,000 subscribers, I have it running for another week. CLICK HERE to go enter that giveaway now!


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And that’s all for this week’s scoop! As mentioned in the video, I plan on having a Halloween card & a PL layout for you this week. Hope you have a great day!!

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27 thoughts on “Monday Scoop – Talking About Project Life, Family Happenings & Football Season!

  1. I’m about a month behind on my PL. I started a separate scrapbook for my son when he was little when he started showing pigs. He switched schools in 5th grade and stopped showing so I haven’t added to the book. I need to though. I could add his football and wrestling pics to it 🙂

  2. i love project life. i dont do it weekly only montly i record the most important events than happen during that month. i love it.

  3. Boy, I sure do like your stamps! Bummed that I didn’t find you when your store was still open.

    When I had my first child, that’s when I really started scrapbooking. I pretty much only had a book for him. Later I started a family one as well. Then 4 years later, my daughter came, so she had her own book. Now I was up to 3 books! Holidays usually were scrapped three times….thankfully, I was a stay at home mom! Once both kids were in school and I was working, things started to get behind. They are nearly 16 and 12 now, so I am REALLY behind!

    Then came Project Life! I started that over this summer and have done my hubby and my “alone” and pre-kid vacations and am now working on this year. I don’t have enough pictures to do it weekly, but my plan is to start that in 2015. Once I am caught up on that, I will start our 15th anniversary trip to Cancun. Our 10th anniversary trip, also to Mexico, was done traditionally. Oh! I also finished up our family trip to Orlando this summer! That took place 6years ago. So, I’m getting caught up slowly but surely. Things just got so busy with both kids in high school. They’re involved in so much! Girl Scouts, Tennis, Girls on the Run, both are in the school musicals (middle school musical – Aladdin – for my daughter starting in Feb. and high school musical – Shrek- started this week for my son), confirmation, driver’s ed., etc, etc, etc! Busy people!

    Good luck with your pregnancy! I was so happy to hear your good news!

  4. I don’t do PL, but I scrap for my 2 fur babies. I think PL would be too intense for me, and I like to do all sorts of different crafts. I think you are doing great, and your 4000 subbies is well deserved. 🙂 Big hugs, Kristina

  5. I am new to PL and don’t have kids. I haven’t got the funds to print new photos at the moment, so I have just been using PL to scrap past events. I like that it is easy and fast. The whole reason I got some PL supplies was to encourage me to scrap and finally use all the keepsakes and photos I have been hoarding for 6 years. It is working, I have done two layouts far 🙂 they aren’t in any order, just the order I make them in. That is how my traditional albums are also. I am sure that would drive some people nuts but it doesn’t bother me. I like flipping through and seeing how my style has changed from page to page. I love your videos and blog, I have been stealing so many of your ideas 🙂

  6. I’m not a project lifer but I do love watching yours and I love that you do a page for every week. I do traditional scrapbooking and for my kids I do the major milestones. I also do a collage on two pages for the year with extra pictures that I have for the year. For example when they are one I do pictures for when they were 1 years old. Then I can use more pictures in their books. Thank you for the chance to win I love watching your videos.

  7. I simply adore these Christmas and Halloween themed stamps. Sooooo cute and the perfect time to begin on cards and scrapbook layouts before the hectic holiday shopping! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  8. I also mentioned this on ur YT video but I have 2 kids and its really hard for me to craft. It’s just way more chaotic with 2.. i cant imagine anymore!! hahaha but i try to craft when they’re both sleeping at night.. For PL, I honestly rarely do that even though i love collecting PL stuff! haha So i dont beat myself up for not keeping up every week but i more do pages of specific pictures that i really like or special events like christmas or halloween or their bdays. So i totally give props to all these ladies who can keep up with their PL albums with even 1 kid!! But i cant wait to see what u do once ur baby arrives!! =D

  9. My mom is not a crafter, so she just kept regular plain albums for me and my sister, but what we noticed was my albums had so many more pictures, and sometimes one month would span across 2 or 3 pages, while my sister, being the younger one, was lucky to have one side of a page per month, so she is now having a sort of second-child complex, and she’s now promising that her second child will have more pictures than the first 😛

  10. I have not done PL yet. But when I start, I said I would do once a month and an album for each of my three girls :). Cant wait.

  11. I am fairly new to PL. I started 20+ years ago scrapbooking and made baby albums for each of my 2 children. I just put milestones, monthly photos through the first year and birthdays in that book until they reached the age of 5. After age 5 there are just family albums.

  12. I try my best to do PL every week, but as you know life gets in the way sometimes. I have one album for the kids but a separate one for each Grandchild. Nine at this time with the youngest one being 14 months and my daughter-in-law is pregnant with her 6th child. Yay!!!

    1. WOW Keeping track of nine grandchildren albums is very impressive! I am not sure I could even manage one of for my (hopefully) future 2 children!

  13. I only have one child and he’s 13 so it’s easy to have my own time to scrapbook. He will inherit all the scrapbooks one day since he’s basically the star. I do want to encourage you to figure out a plan to photograph your baby every week or every month next to a toy or something so you can see how much he/she changes across time. Safe travels to Indy (my mom lives there too!)

    1. Yes I for sure plan on taking monthly photos with the month # stickers on the onesies 🙂 I might end up taking weekly photos too. Who am I kidding, I might be taking daily photos of him/her! LOL That doesn’t mean they will all get scrapped, but I can totally see myself taking tons of photos (I already do that with the dogs).

  14. i always enjoy watching your PL videos but you shouldn’t stress about getting them out. Maybe, if you kept the baby’s album simple, it would still fulfill the need for them to have their own album and your crafty needs! You know how you start jonesing when you haven’t scrapped. LOL. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I love those cards! They’re super cute. 🙂 I want to invest in some of them. What is the name of the stamp company/website you use? I know you mentioned it, but for a newbie, I wasn’t sure what you said.

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