Mini Stapler Comparison – Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher & Stampin’ UP

Hey everyone!

In my recent Haul I showed the mini staples that I received in my Stampin’ UP order.


I was hoping that they would fit in my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher but they do not! I wanted to shoot a quick video showing you guys the two side by side. Hope you enjoy it!

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I was a little bummed at first that they don’t fit, but then I thought to myself, now I get TWO mini staple size options to work with 🙂 Even better, right?

When ordering online, I just haven’t ordered from a place that had the mini staples in stock & I haven’t wanted to place an order anywhere & pay a ton of shipping just for the staples lol. I’m cheap like that I guess!

UPDATE: In case you are also looking for the mini staples – Amazon has them in stock, but they are a couple bucks more than other stores. has them in stock, but their cheapest shipping option was $4. Online it says that my local Joann has the Tim Holtz mini staples in stock, but last time I was there, I didn’t even see a spot for them. I will stop by there soon and hopefully stock up on mini staples. Yay!! 🙂

And that’s it for today! Have a lovely day!


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One thought on “Mini Stapler Comparison – Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher & Stampin’ UP

  1. I have both staplers & prefer the SU one, it seems lighter & easier to handle. we have a local scrapbook store that carries the staples for the Tim Holtz tiny attacher..

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