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Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

This is a pre-scheduled post that will be going up during my post partum break. If you’d like to stay in the know about all things baby, be sure to check me out on Instagram @thescrapmaster or check out my family youtube channel. I will be back to making regular videos on both channels as soon as I can.

So today I wanted to share my Christmas gifts idea with you.


This is something that I started a few years back & I think it is a great Christmas gift for family members. Especially now that we are having our little girl, this will be the perfect way for the family to get some extra photos and be able to keep up with our little girl’s life.


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Now I haven’t been great about sending these layout every single year, but I have tried to do so most years for the last few Christmases. This year I actually was WAY late! I said in the video mid-January I will send these out, but I actually decided to hold onto each set & add in 2 more pages covering our daughter’s birth. That way we weren’t mailing out two sets of photos shortly after one another. It delayed the gifts, but I know everyone will be thrilled to have newborn photos also.

I hope you liked this Christmas gift idea. Since I am sharing it late, if you decide to implement this new idea, you will be super early for this Christmas 🙂

Have a great day!


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