How to Load an ATG Gun + Tape Depot ATG Refills Review

Hey everyone!

Today, I have an ATG tutorial to share with you.


Since I had some requests for a Tape Depot ATG review, I held off on filming this video until I had tested out the tape enough to give my opinion about it. I am definitely happy with it! I’m really glad I found them!

So here is my tutorial and review:

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And that is it for today. On Wednesday I am going to try to have a card tutorial for you & I might even have a new video for Friday. Hope you have a lovely day!


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One thought on “How to Load an ATG Gun + Tape Depot ATG Refills Review

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial! When I first got my ATG I was all thumbs and if it were not for various YouTube tutorials I would NEVER have been able to wrestle that tape onto the gun!!! Even now, after having my ATG for 3 years I realize that I have been making it harder for myself by trying to stick the leading end of the new tape roll inside the uptake roller instead of just adhering to the outside of it, as you do. So old dog, new tricks!!

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