Celebrate Congrats Card Start to Finish

Hey everyone!

So the voice overs just aren’t working for me at this time. Trying to voice over the video today was brutal lol. My Mac wasn’t having it & then I just plain ran out of time. Olivia’s naps just aren’t long enough for me to voice over + my mac doesn’t really enjoy voice overs so I am recording in like 5-10 second chunks which is excruciating! If I do any of these process type videos soon, I am just going to put them to music. I know some of y’all enjoy the explanations, but many of you mute the videos anyway.  This video and blog post is a product of a couple of naps over the course of a couple of days lol. Next time, it will be much faster without the voice over attempt.


Anyhow, here is my card tutorial. I made this one for a friend who recently got a promotion.

Watch on Youtube

For the sentiment, I had intended to use the Big Congrats sentiment which is an old SP & Company sentiment, but I decided against it.  I didn’t like the inks overlapping & the sentiment just looked way too big on my card. To fix this, I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and stamped a skinnier sentiment on the strip, matted it onto some white cardstock, and then attached it to the card. This covered up the stamping fail & I thought it looked a ton better with a skinnier sentiment popped up on another layer of cardstock. The celebrate sentiment is from the same stamp set as the balloons, called Celebrate Today.



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