Newborn Scrapbook Layouts for Gifts – Part 2

Hey everyone!

Today I finally have a part 2 of the layout gifts I have been working on for what seems like forever. I am so happy to finally have these done!! I feel so terrible for taking my sweet time to finish these. My next round of layout gifts will be done way earlier than these ones. I am such a slacker lately, but I think having a baby is probably a legit excuse lol. Seriously sometimes I feel like I am barely keeping up with real life, much less crafting or gift giving, or anything else that isn’t absolutely essential to us functioning.


So this week I am again really trying to stick with getting in the craft room everyday. It is SO hard to get in there earlier in the day because I know I should be working on other things (plus my crafty mojo usually flows at night) & then at night I am just tired! I think I am going to just force myself to get in there and craft earlier in the day and start building it as a habit.  When do you get your crafting done?

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And that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed it!

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