My Foot is Really Fun Scrapbook Process Video

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am sharing another scrapbook process video with you guys. I have really been having fun doing some traditional scrapbooking lately. I recently ordered quite a few photos I plan on using in my Project Life so I hope to have a process video for that coming up for you guys soon.

I’m guessing you guys are going to start getting sick of seeing this cutie pie, but I hope it won’t be any time soon because I have TONS of photos of her to scrap. How many photos of your children are too many photos? Is there a limit? If so, I am probably getting close to that limit. I take so many of her every day lol.

Here’s my layout:


And here’s the video showing how it all came together:

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I went back and forth between whether these photos were taken in June or July and I ended up changing it back to July right after filming. It was when she was 4.5 months old so it had to be July lol.

And that’s it for today. Here are some close up photos of the layout & my supplies list is down below. Have a great one!!





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