DIY Candle Sticker Labels with Silhouette Cameo

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Today’s project is actually an older project that I made a few months back. I totally forgot about this footage until I was cleaning off my camera’s memory card. This footage is a little sad because you can hear Bob the canary in the background, but he’s no longer with us. It’s also pretty cute because Olivia was in the room while I was filming and she was making cute little sounds.


This is just a quick video showing a project I made for a friend who was making some candles & needed some stickers for them. I really love how they turned out. In this video I just showed the candles & explains what I did to make the stickers. I totally didn’t talk about the details on making print & cuts. I have another tutorial about print & cut that you can find by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy!

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And that’s it! Hope you have a lovely day & I’ll have another video for you on Wednesday this week. See you soon!


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