Freckled Fawn Embellishment Kit Unboxing + Mini Giveaway | Sept 2015

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!


Today I have a mini giveaway to go along with today’s unboxing video. I had some referral credits to use so I went ahead and picked up something for one lucky subscriber. Enter through the rafflecoptor below the video.

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Same basic rules. Must be 18 yrs or older to enter. Void where prohibited by law, etc etc. You know the drill. I’m leaving this giveaway open for one week & then I’ll post a winner the following week.

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16 thoughts on “Freckled Fawn Embellishment Kit Unboxing + Mini Giveaway | Sept 2015

  1. I waited impatiently for the weather where I could wear my hoodies!! I think I have more hoodies than shirts…thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Fall is my favorite season. My husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary! Besides those two things. I also love the leaves, especially when you have a whole bunch of colors!

  3. i really adore all the colors and the coolness of the fall. also, its not too hot, not too cold, just in the middle, very comfortable weather. also pumpkins, pumpkins = life lol XD (owo)

  4. My favorite thing about Fall is Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because it isn’t about status, or gift giving, it’s about family and friends being together.

  5. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp cool days and the smell of goodies baking in the oven. I bake a LOT in the fall!

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