New Posting Schedule & Crafty Goals 2016

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

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With the new year brings new goals! Check out this super quick video in which I discuss my plans for 2016.

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My little one is getting bigger & we are getting into a really good groove so my big goal for this year is to get back to crafting more! I’m committing to two new videos a week! Expect to see videos posted Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With that being said, the blog is going to be taking a back seat for now. I’m going to get each video posted over here also, but I probably won’t have much accompanying descriptions or close up photos for you guys for most of my videos. I really want my free time going towards cranking out awesome tutorials for you guys. So for the time being, I’ll be posting very short blog posts over here for the most part, basically it will be a video and that’s it lol.

Hope that your 2016 is off to a great start! I’ll have a new video for you on Thursday!

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One thought on “New Posting Schedule & Crafty Goals 2016

  1. Looking forward to seeing your craft videos again! I’m impressed with how much you are able to post, you really have a great balance ! My 2016 will be sorting and purging my house! Happy New Year!

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