March Scrapbook Every Day Challenge FAIL!

Hey everyone! Here’s the story of why I failed the Scrapbook Every Day Challenge.

On the night of the 23rd, I scrapbooked my Week 10 Project Life layouts. Then I went to do the voiceover the next night and after I recorded the first minute or so, the voiceovers stopped working! I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t get the voice over to work anymore. I pretty much spent the entire evening trying to get it to work without success! So that night I didn’t scrapbook.

Then last night I tried again and again failed at getting the voiceover to work. And I didn’t scrapbook yet again. Well today I gave up and finally just finished the video without the voiceover so I can scrapbook tonight lol!!

I skipped two days (technically 3 because I think I missed a day when I did my Week 9 voice over), but I plan on getting back to it tonight and I plan on finishing off the month. I really want to finish up the last few layouts of February so I can have a flip through for you guys in early March.

I kind of explained what happened on this video:


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Congrats again to Paperflowerjunkie for winning the March kit.

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