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This comment policy applies to our social media outlets & anywhere on our blog.

The purpose of Scrapmaster’s Paradise is to inspire and encourage others through the various forms of paper crafting. This is supposed to be an uplifting, happy, and stress free place for people to come and learn & gain inspiration. With that said, some opinions and scrappy related reviews and such can ruffle some feathers & giveaways can even cause some jealousy & negativity.

I’m always listening & read every single comment posted on this website. Feel free to leave your comment, but any of the following types of comments WILL BE DELETED:

  • Negative comments that to not add value to the conversation will be deleted. It’s ok to express your negative feelings if you do so in a constructive and non-attacking manner.
  • Rude or Profane comments will be deleted.
  • Off Topic comments will be deleted.
  • Spam comments will be deleted.
  • Anything that I feel doesn’t add value to our community will be deleted.

Please make sure your comments are respectful to me and to your fellow paper crafters. Let’s keep this a happy place & a place where people can continue to encourage and share with each other.


This comment policy was inspired by 100 Days of Real Food. (One of my FAVE blogs!).

2 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. I just read your Blog on Krylon Easy Tack to make my Cricut mats sticky again. Just out of curiosity, which level of stick is this #7020 for? The green, blue or purple mats? Or does it matter.

    1. I don’t know the difference between mats. Back in the day there was just a green mat and that was it. I assume it would be tacky enough for both mats, but I’m a Cameo girl now so I don’t know.

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