Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asking questions. If you have questions not answered here, please submit them through the Ask Sami submission form. I can’t guarantee they will be answered but I will try my best!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I was in college and at the time, it was just a stress reliver & creative outlet for me. I was pre-med & my classes were really tough. I needed something fun to get involved with.

Why do you call yourself thescrapmaster?
The name thescrapmaster was given to me by my husband actually. When I was first getting REALLY into scrapping, my scrap space was in the same room as my hubby’s music stuff (drum set, guitars, recording stuff, etc). I was scrapbooking one night & he was strumming on his guitar. He started singing a song about how I was scrapbooking. The only words I remember are something like this, “She’s the scrapmaster. She’s going to scrap you. She’s going to scrap everything. The scrapmaster!” So I’ve used the name ever since! My blog is thescrapmaster, my username is always thescrapmaster anywhere, and the name means a lot to me since my husband made it 🙂

How do I set up a blog? Can you help me set up my blog?
You can set up a blog for free at or host a blog on your own website using There are other blogging platforms but I am not familiar with any others. I cannot offer help with blog setup or anything bloggy related.

Who does your graphic design? Can you design a button/graphic for me?
I do all of my own graphic design for logos, blog buttons, banners, and packaging. I do not offer my design services at this time.

How did you get x,y, or z (insert cool blog feature here) to work on your blog?
LOTS of time, research, and even a little bit of code learning went into customizing my blog. I even had my hubby help me with some of the customizations. I am not able to offer my blog setup services at this time as it is a very time consuming endeavor for me. There are many blog professionals out there that you can get help from.

Can you help me set up an online store? Who made your website?
I made my website with open source software with the help of my hosting provider, my amazing hubby, and lots of books & tutorials.  I designed all of my graphic components. I do not provide any help or assistance for making websites or online stores.

I want to sponsor a giveaway on your blog. How do I do this?
I do take giveaway sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring my blog, please check my Advertising page for more specific information.

How can I enter your giveaways?
Follow the directions given on the giveaway. Giveaway rules change depending on the giveaway. Sometimes I use Rafflecopter and sometimes I just ask for comments. Please read giveaway info carefully so you don’t miss out by not following the rules.

How do you pick winners for your giveaways?
If the giveaway is via Rafflecopter, then Rafflecopter picks a random winner. If the giveaway is any other way, then I use to choose the winner.

I want to advertise on your blog. How do I do this?
I do take advertisers on my blog, but I have specific guidelines. Please check my Advertising page for info & pricing.

I want to start a stamp company. How do I do this?
I wish you the best of luck, but I cannot give you any business information or advice. I worked really hard to start my business & find my own resources. I don’t offer business consulting services at this time.

Can you tell me how to design stamps/find manufacturers/start an online store, etc?
I cannot offer you any business information. Good luck!

What advice do you have for me regarding starting a paper crafting company?
First off, do your research! Don’t go into it thinking you are going to make a million dollars. Start slow, don’t use debt to fund your business, and have a business plan. Do your homework. It will make all the difference in the world! Be prepared to work harder than you expected. It takes a lot of hours to nurture a business. If you are willing to do what it takes, you can succeed 🙂

Where do you get your giveaway items? Can you offer me items to giveaway on my blog?
I work with some amazing companies from time to time & I also personally giveaway many items on my blog that I paid for myself. I do not offer giveaway items to others at this time.

How do you get so many sponsors on your blog? Can you put me in contact with your sponsors?
I have worked really hard to inspire & share projects with my readers for over 5 years, and have been blessed to be able to collaborate with many great companies over the years because of my following. I value these companies & I do not give out my sponsor’s contact info.

How do you make your Youtube Videos?
I use a Sony HandyCam or a Flip camcorder.

What software do you use to edit your videos?
I use iMovie on my Macbook.

Can you help me add x, y, or z (insert cool video feature here) to my videos?
I do not offer movie making help at this time. There are many great tutorials out there if you are looking for specifics. I learned through lots of trial and error lol!!

How do you take photos of your projects?
I use my iPhone mostly now. I used to use a plain old digital camera and an Olympus DSLR camera.

How do you edit your photos for your projects?
Photoshop CS5

Can I link to your blog?
Absolutely, feel free to share a link to my blog anytime! I appreciate it! I have some blog buttons that you can use, click here to grab a blog button.

Can I take your project photos and use them on my blog/to enter a contest/to teach a class?
No, that is stealing. None of my content can be taken for any sort of financial or business gain. My projects are here for personal inspiration only. Feel free to case my projects for your own personal use, but don’t steal. If you do case my projects and share them online, please give me some credit by linking back to me & letting people know I inspired you.

Can you sponsor my blog? My Challenge blog? My event?
I do not provide any sponsorships at this time.

How much money do you make off your blog? Off your store? Are you rich now?
I get asked this way too much & it’s one of those things that makes me laugh the most because I am definitely not earning the big bucks that some people think.
To answer the questions: Not a whole heck of a lot & we are far FAR from rich!! I started my blog just for fun & fun is still my #1 reason for blogging. My blog doesn’t even begin to make enough money to even pay for my own personal scrapbook addiction, lol! And don’t even get me started on my hourly rate! It probably doesn’t even equal to minimum wage some of the time.
I started my stamp company to help try to make a little money to contribute to my family, but I am definitely not making as much as you might think! You would be surprised how much products, packaging, product development, design teams, giveaways/shipping, accounting, tax, software, and help costs! It’s estimated that 95% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. I totally don’t doubt that! It is tough to run a small business!
Let me just say that if I was doing any of this solely for the money, I wouldn’t have stuck it out this long! LOL I do what I do because I love papercrafting – it feeds my soul & provides me with great joy that I can share that and inspire others with my crafting. It has never been about the money for me.

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  1. I love the Freckled Fawn kit and all the excellent goodies that it comes with and am really excited you are doing a giveaway 🙂

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